Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Twins Seperated by 7 years

This website right here
is amazingly fun! Use a photo from your own collection,submit it and see which celebrity you most resemble.
My "twins" each recieved equal parts Shirley Temple, Dakota Fanning,the Olsen twins, and Mischa Barton. I was compared to Jullianne Marguiles ,and Charisma Carpenter, so I'm feeling pretty full of myself right now.
This post is a learning post for me . I did this without the help of my husband or my 10 year old, so if it doesn't work or looks wonky, please be patient with me. I'm really trying to be a good blogger.

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StephenMosher said...

This was great! And you added the link perfectly! Pat did this and the first face to come up was Jake Gyllenhaal, which we both loved! I did it and here are some of the names I got: Andie MacDowell, Patrick Stewart, Matthew Fox, Kiera Knightley, Stuart Townsend, Aymi Hamasaki, Keanu Reeves, Jensen Ackles, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Denise Richards, Jessica Biel, John Mayer, John Cho, Gavin Rossdale, Maura Tierney, Jamie Bell, Jude Law.

Who'da thunk?


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