Monday, August 27, 2007

The Last lazy days of summer and falling for seafoam green!

So much fun was had in the last lazy days of summer. Bubble blowing,watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer,buckwheat pancake feasts,poolside(but sitting in the shade) vintage seventeen mag reading whilst sipping iced diet Redbull ,and watching my oldest teach my littlest to swim(I'm not so much for full body pool immersion)!
Making cream soda icecream floats,using my new fave thrifted vintage glasses,would ya look at that sea-foam accent color on those cutey-cute carousel creatures!
....and to my utterly delighted amazement......
Look what came in the mail for me!!A vintage seafoam satin dress!Sweet and thoughtful Heidi of Vacuming in High Heels and Pearls sent me an extraordinary little package. For ABSOLUTELY no reason at all!...but how did she know I was developing a thing for seafoam green?Sometimes I think we all get on this eerie ,bloggy ,prescient wavelength with eachother.Oh and Heidi I am thrilled to report this double trained (the trains are almost like little bustles)stunner fits!!!
She added this amazing vintage card with the image of a pagoda.More pagoda yumminess! An embroidered tea-towel,oh the possibilities!
There were several of these adorable tiny Kokeshi doll cards,that she designed herself!
...and look at this vintage wrapping paper!This kind of adorable-ness absolutely twitterpates my heart!
Hair inspired "summer of love" wrapping paper! The GA-ROOVIEST!
Just like Heidi,thank you again,please do go and visit her and check out her wonderful new banner!

Back to my seafoam,celery,mint green current color infatuation.I decided to create a little fashion game to amuse myself,I think I'll call it:
Fantasy Google Image Fashion Stylist
Heres how you play,go to google image and type in adjectives to describe an article of clothing.

I started with "vintage mint green dress"....
...and then typed in "doll pendant".
Alright so I cheated and visited my favorite wacky and unusual shoe site Irregular Choice,where I found these beauties in their archives.
Which then lead me to type in "orange purse"....and
....Voila! A completed collection of ensemble pieces that will likely never appear on the same body at the same time....but thats half the fun!Oh,the endless internet possibilities ! I think I will play again soon! Won't you join me and play too?

To cap off my mint,celery,sea foam,celendon(hey came up with a new one!)obsession,you will find this new creation in my ETSY,I call her Celeste!
Be back on Friday with My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine !


Gina said...

Sweet, just tons and tons of sweet in this post!

stilettoheights said...

oh I'm loving the seafoam fact I just did a seafoam piece....lazy by a pool and reading vintage Seventeen mags sounds pretty much like heaven!!

oh and unexpected blog gifts are will appreciate this, 2 days ago I received from a fellow Blogger.....Malaysian fashion magazines.

Sarah and Jack said...

That flat doll for your belt? Hmmm, a little on the scary side. LOL

The dress is gorgeous!

kimberly sherrod said...

FUN!!!! I am gonna join you in Google imagining some clothes!

fashionistakay said...

that first dress feautured and the others behind it look so delicate and pretty.makes me want 2 grab right off of the screen.
p.s.i have a new post!

Anonymous said...

oooohhh, you have me feeling all minty fresh, fantastic post! I love your ice cream soda glasses, SO much fun. the new piece for your etsy shop is fantastic as well.

A Fanciful Twist said...

I need those sea foam treasures shoes!!!! You always share such wondeful lovelies!!!!! Seafoam Goddess you are!! xoxox

Jennifer said...

I think I'm fallin' for the sea foam green now as well!

miss vintage love said...

Wow, Im overwhelmed by all your lovely finds! Absolutely amazing. Seafoam green is definitely underrated, so is light yellow.

Anonymous said...

Well holy mints! Those are some "rad" things, "dude!" (heh heh)
I am totally stuck in the '80s mood this week for some reason. And omg, those shoes! And that purse! Omg, I want shoes like that!!! Do you think I can fake it and throw some lace and a flower on a pair of mine?

tatjana said...

haha! I've been loving the seafoam too...hence the top I'm knitting. I really love it with pink for some reason?? I love your google game, I even have that orange purse, but in pink!! It's one of my faves :) :) Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, you're the deariest of dears *MWAH*

Timothy Hogan said...

"When the Blues hit you in the head when you roll out of bed in the mornin' - Just sit on the porch and swing, sit on the porch and swing..."


I heard that tune the whole time I read your blog. Excellent special effect!

Timmy Toe Hogan

Rebecca said...

That Heidi sends the best "just because" gifts. She told me she had something for you, I knew it would be something perfect.

Okay and the Flatsy doll is cracking me up. :)

Mary Jane said...

OK, I love the card with the horseshoe and the you feel a haiku coming on?

a lucky horseshoe
jungle dream pagoda
sparkling pretty

cruststation said...

Lots of wonderful goodies, so perfect for you! Really love the first photo of your daughter dancing amongst the bubbles, what a lovely summer feel :) Thank you for another interesting fashion feature, love the Google idea.

Stephanie said...

jdp! I have 4 of those carousel glasses, they were my grandmothers. They bring back such memories of drinking orange soda out of them.

Roxanne said...

Oh my goodness! I have six of those glasses! I can't believe someone else has them.

AnastasiaC said...

such a summery colour!!!
Fab pics and vintage goodies!! love your new creation!

sweetheartville said...

Great post! What cool stuff. Love the minty green goodness.


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