Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter-scaping..... Part One !

I finally got my Easter goodies out and arranged as I like!!

Table-scaping for the holidays is one of my fave things in all the land to do !!!
All above items 100% thrifted!*

Can you dig these little plastic bunnies???
All but the smallest bunny(she is thrifted...score!) came from estate sales.
You may click to enlarge any image.

A bunny pulling a wagon on top of my chest of donkey's pulling wagons....and Mister Bunny has a fabulous German egg.
I actually thrifted all of my German eggs in one EXTRA fabulous plastic bag-full when my little Petal was still a babe in arms.

My L.P. gallery is showing a Spring-y-er selection of album covers!
It is so hard to shoot the whole architectural nook/gallery...cuz' it is so l000000ng!
See it here.

This Montavani album cover art might be my new fave!!

It has been a bit rainy today(can you tell from the dark pics?) and that set me back a bit on my "Patio Project"..AND I still have one more Easter themed aspiration that I hope to show you on Good Friday!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!
*note* checking off items on my Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by: Item #2 Milk glass-ware .

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Vivcore said...

great set up!! So loving those plastic bunnies!


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