Monday, March 21, 2011

Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by: Item #1 L.P. Cover Art

Soooooo....if I intend to start
"A list to thrift by". I thought it would be big fun to do a post on EACH item!!!!
Lets start with ...L.P. cover art.....which has always been a favorite around Pagoda-ville!
Each unique sleeve is as eclectic as the day is long and has a little something for everyone!
The above pic is a few I left behind at a special Thrift that has a spectacular GIANT record section. I am beginning to regret leaving behind "Actual Business Letters" and Ethel Smith's organ tunes!

Well why the heck not elevate L.P. cover art as "real" art in your home? I have always been drawn to those rather generic orchestral covers with amazing art direction and have collected them for some time...but until I moved into my new home and inspiration eventually struck for filling my odd little architectural nook above the big screen....
I never really knew what to do with them.
I am now simply AGOG over my ever changing L.P. cover gallery!
So what did I come home with?
How about Disney's Chilling,Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House?This album has actually been on my "to be thrifted" list for a long while.....and let us not forget the yummy ear candy center!

Have a little taste!

Little did I know that this truly tropical treat by Lani Royal was going to become the new sound track to my life!

Delicious and refreshing!

My former soundtrack?.....Mr Martin Denny and his orchestra ...natch!

Could there be better cover art? I have even used this image as my screen saver.

I suspect there has never been a more clever vessel for the elevation of L.P. art to Fine art than this aaahhhhhhmazing screen from Able and Baker Design. Perhaps I shall treat myself to this yummy-osity one day when I turn my dining room into my design studio...a little pretty something to hide away the eventual mess.

Kate Bush's ,"The Dreaming"
is probably my super nova ,all time ,favorite album cover. The image is referencing the song "Houdini" and how the key would be "passed" to Houdini.
This could certainly warm up a boudoir frame.

So what about you....could L.P. cover art be the panacea for your own artless walls? If I were a bit braver I think I might permanently affix an entire wall with covers. But how to choose which ones to use with so many lovelies?
Atleast at the thrift we shall never run out of possible candidates !

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Nostalgic in Maine said...

I love this post! Cool LP covers (and their contents) are a wekaness of mine too. I actually included one in my recent post on Thrift Share Monday. Cool screen - would look great in a media room too. Oh, the possibillities. Looking forward to read more about LP cover art in future posts ;-)


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