Monday, March 28, 2011

A Peek Into My Petals World.......and the "Tub of Wonder"

My sweet "not so wee(anymore)"...Petal is easily the most colorful of the family. At a just newly turned age 8 ....her tangerine room suits her perfectly!
I had to show off her newly thrifted "tablecloth". Costing under a dollar this Old Navy scarf gets the job done perfectly ...AND with a mod vintage feel...AND pom-pom fringe to boot!

Instead of junk drawers at my house we each have a "Tub of Wonder".This perfect pink tub was found at the Target "dollar spot" (though I recall it cost 2$'s). It houses any stray odds and ends at the end of the day...I-Coffin's,Squinky's,Hello Kitty eraser's ,or lone dolly shoes!

A place for everything and everything in its place (hah!).

The story under the "Trixie ,Dixie, and Dell" painting.
Happy Monday!


Heidi said...

Hey Lisa, check out Danielle Thompson's blog:

She loves really bright and fun 70s stuff like big eye girls. I think you might get a kick out of it!

Shelby said...

You have Trixie Dixie & Dell! Where did you find them? Who is the artist? Our favorite local restaurant had them in the ladies room, but after a remodel they are MIA. I MUST find them!

jungle dream pagoda said... your fave restaurant Cafe Patachou in Broadripple?
I lived in a fab house in Broadripple 12 years ago before moving to Dallas. My mother in law commissioned the artist ,Joni Godlman, to paint a version for me. you will note in mine the gals wear cowboy boots! Hope that helps!

Shelby said...

Why, yes it is!!! We are sorely missing Trixie, Dixie & Dell and I Googled them and was brought to your blog. How strange that is was a recent post! Thanks for the artist's name. We will have to see what can be done. ;)


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