Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Decorating War Within and Playing with Knick-Knacks and STUFF!!!

My inner decorator is forever warring within itself!!!
I like knick-knacks and STUFF!
Crazy kitschy witty winked at STUFF!!!

As evidenced here in this picture of me and my STUFF in the Fiesta Kitchen of my single days! You may click to enlarge this image and glimpse my lucite bag collection housed behind glass doors just above the taxidermied(oh yeah...) instrument playin' frogs!

....ahhhhh....but the hubs was not such a STUFF lovin' man and your lovely blog-hostess had to change her evil STUFF-hoardin' ways.

As evidenced in this pic of the Cliff May home.

....and this one. When un-encumbered by STUFF there is an amazing sense of being able to breathe in a space...and I LOVE this look.
Sigh...missing that sweet little home.

Same furniture-STUFF but now filling our new beloved home......and its even airier!

You walk in and immediately get the minimalist vibe.

Once upon a time my donkeys roamed freely about the windowsill.

Now they must contain themselves in an eclectic chest.

At the Cliff May home my STUFF filled "Magic Closet" looked more like a booth at an antique mall.

Here at the new Pagoda my "props" are bit pared down!

Lately I have been feeling the urge to decorate with knick-knacky STUFF , but employing my "minimalist within" editor.

It has been fun to just play a bit with my good STUFF.

I am craving a little area to just go kitschy crazy with some good STUFF. What the heck why not go a bit wild....its just wall space!

So what do you think are all of us bloggy vintage kitschy chickadees moments away from an invitation to be on Hoarders?
I continue to be thankful for my minimalist lovin' Hubs...and oddly I think he has developed an interesting appreciation for all my STUFF over the years!
Happy Tuesday !

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Rebecca said...

Hello darling! Love the new minimasl look, I need some of that action myself. And do I see a Edith Collins bag there in the Magic Closet? I have one, too, but for the life of me can't think of where it is at this moment.


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