Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting My Holly Jolly Started!

So here it is December 4th and I am just getting the decorations started.
Actually I started decorating on Tuesday and wouldn't you know it Wee Petal ,Baby Giraffe...and me...all get a nasty stomach bug. We are all much better today and my house got the SUPER DE-GERMIFYIN' crazy clean last night(am I the only one that needs to mop,bleach,and scald all of the bedding after group sickness happens?).
Only prob is that puts me 3 days behind on my decorating schedule.

Behind the plasma is an odd little "can't decide if I like it or not architectural nook". I decided to fill it with part of my vintage Christmas record collection.We do have a turntable...and oh yeah...these records will get some play time during the holly-daze.

Among the more obvious Bing and Frank covers I really j'ador the "generic 50;s and 60' compilations for the amazing vintage graphics.

Trimming a tree can often times be a bit of a mess.

Who knew the dining room would see this amount of mess all week.You better believe that Hawaiian X-mas album is gonna get some serious turntable time!

The tree in its kitschy splendor.
This marks the 11th year we have spent with this family heirloom. You might note I changed up the ornie scheme this year.I figured the old Pagoda needed a more elegant tree to balance out her rat pack cool,but the new Pagoda needed a much more liberal dose of rat pack and kitsch to up her coolio vibe. bout' a gin-soaked punk rock elf complete with Creepers?

Or perhaps a groovy Santa Girl.

Ah me... and sooooo much more to do!


Household 6 said...

I love it!! Absolutely love :) And I have to admit that I really do like the niche behind the tv, how perfect for your record collection.
I have your box ready to go out on Monday when I put on my brave face and venture into the post office with the crazies! Lol, that's what I call them during holiday season.
By the way, I'm pretty much in love with those metal chairs.

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Heidi Ann said...

I love your tree and all of your vintage stuff - and I especially LOVE the way those albums look in their niche. It's all fabulous.

rochambeau said...

So mod, so clean so JOLLY!
You got it goin' on Lisa G!
Love seeing your Decor !!
You're a cool one~


Cindy said...

I like the spot light on your aluminum tree. I won a color wheel light at an auction a few yrs. ago, lots of competition for it. I now need an aluminum tree for it! But, a spot light would be more serene.

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Aw your elves are so cool! I love them! I also really love that nook with the LPs (hee, did i just say "LP"??? I think i did!). i always trot out the xmas albums too.

Much love to you and your sweet family this coming year!! I'm so glad to have connected with ya again!


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