Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That 70's Doll!

All aboard Mommies!!!! Get your oneway tickets to board the luge express down that slippery slope known as.... The American Girl Doll.
I got mine.
The little Petal has been wanting an American Girl Doll for over a year now.
There just happens to be an American Girl Doll Boutique in Dallas.
We have been reading the books together since August.What I do love about these dolls is that each girl represents a different and significant time period or decade in America. I decided as long as she chose an historical character...it would be a worthwhile investment for Santa this year.

She chose Julie from the 1970's.
Why yes, I did have other lofty history lesson dolls in mind....but...
nope...not even Kaya's tee pee could steer her away from that 70's doll.
Atleast her Mommy and Daddy were children in the 70's...so the whole"See what it was like when Mommy and Daddy were kids...." shall be my "lesson plan" for Julie.

....and...she has some crazy cool accessories...like this Eero Saarrinnen table and chairs...and a fondue set!!!!

The big kid real life "Tulip Collection".Hey,maybe this Julie adventure will be retro fun!

How 'bout this for a 70's doll
(dig that midi dress!)?

Beautiful Crissy.

...and her amazing 70's fashion.

Julie has a midi dress and a hibachi grill.

Allrighty getting distracted from dolly world to look at midi dresses for a mo.I want the white one COMPLETE with the "Adam and Eve" fabric!!!!

Hows this for a 70's frock? Thrifted ,natch,and only a 3 bux,dig the self matching fringed scarf! The corset belt is from F21 and only 4.99,I got it in black too!
Perhaps mommy will 70's out on Christmas day...but I need crazy 70's boots!

So the 2 dolls that I was pulling for were Felicity from the American Revolution....

....and Kit
who lived through The Great Depression.

On second thought...Kit seemed to have the most accoutrements including a giant tree house...for a doll who lived the great depression ...she sure has lot of stuff.Even big sissy was intrigued enough to play!

After dolly choosing was over we went upstairs for our dinner reservations at the bistro.I had the salmon and it was surprisingly good.

If you do not yet own a doll they let you borrow one to dine with. This time she chose Kit(Julie was unavailable).

and the baby giraffe chose Felicity.

All in all,after a bit of trepidation, I am getting psyched for my Petal to learn about the 70's through imaginative play.
For you mommies out there with daughters ...I am very curious about your thoughts on American Girl dolls...would you get one for your own American girl?
Which doll would or have you already chose?

Oh...and Happy Turkey day!!!


rochambeau said...

Oh how I share in your daughters J O Y!!!! How fun that Kit is part of the crew now!
Happy Turkey Day Lisa G.

rochambeau said...

Nice cookies!
Please tell your girls, they did GOOD!


Heidi Ann said...

I love Julie!! Heck, I was in elementary school in the 70's, too! (Not for long, but I WAS.) Thanks so much for showing her, and her fab accessories. Your cool dress reminds me SO much of the one I am "borrowing" from my sister that I recently wrote about on my blog. It's like, got totally the same VIBE, man. Coolness.

mary jane said...

can't wait for the dolly doppelganger pagoda "tea" party...some interesting times they shall be!


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