Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Own Vintage Clothing Fashion Magazine ...The Fall Fun Issue,November 2009

Is it possible ? Have I actually gotten so back in the habit of blogging that I felt the need for a new issue of my vintage fashion zine?Or perhaps the real question is do I actually feel good enough about myself again that making a point of expressing my sense of style is once more a priority? I won't lie,I had a tough 2009 with many life changing events. My challenges perhaps deserve a post of their own someday,but for the moment I feel that I am happily returning to the girl that you met way back when I started this site .

I have had so much fun with fashion this Fall.Honestly I am not even sure what is *supposed* to be "in" this Autumn season. I generally follow trends as a sort of hobby,but this year I did not even pick up the big fat Fall issue of Vogue...a bit of a 1st for me in many years.
So lets get right to the wacky way I wear my clothes!
Lately I have been a little obsessed with what I'll call"disposable vintage".
These are the pieces that are certainly from a bygone era...but no garment that a "proper" vintage establishment would deem worthy of making the cut into their shop,heck even the Thrifts think they are only worth a couple of bux! Which ofcourse means....more for me!
The above dress is an over-sized homemade silk garment that cost...2 dollars!

The print is an obvious riff on one of Monet's Impressionist paintings.
The above is Claudee-poos "Le Jardin de Monet"

I tend to create "uniform formulas" that I repeat again and again!This one is my "Worship of the Ugly" look.Disposable Vintage is the perfect ingredient for this look....along with black tights,Doc Martens,beaded old lady sweaters,and any peculiar jewelry or vintage bags you might choose.Here I chose an all time fave poodle bag purchased at an estate sale,and a pendant inherited from my Grandmother that has a very similar impressionistic design.

Another "disposable vintage" dress. This time its made out of crazy Aunt Mathilda's left over couch upholstery fabric!Again...over-sized fun at couple of bux.

Same formula different details.

Remember this dress ? It actually might be less disposable and more of find. Same formula....

...gold pendant from my Grandma and vintage bag a prezzie from my bestie!

For this dress I could always trade the docs for my "beautiful/ugly" shoes. How I love this twisted aesthetic.....and so comfy too!

Ah...my trustee overalls!
Hmmm, what to wear for Thanksgiving?
Option #1.

I even found a "disposable vintage" piece for this look.
The,um,blouse?...is called a Rhoda Lee. I love how it has such a festive flounce to it,and another impressionistic print(less than 2 dollars!).I paired it with a proper 60's velvet jacket and my Frida tortured heart necklace.

I usually do not go in for overalls that are not denim(yes...I tend to be snobbish about my thrifted overalls ),but I gambled on these because I liked the color palette ...and...they're flannel!!!

Paired with ethereal Anthro shirt,delicate beaded sweater,recently thrifted heart locket,and another sweet pearl piece.

This is the one I am leaning toward.
Fabulous 50's Fall Chrysanthemum dress!*

Heres a snap of me modeling it last Fall.This dress came from my favorite vintage shop in Dallas ,Ahab Bowen.

Here are the accessories details.Vintage beaded sweater,newly thrifted copper cameo necklace,and amazing brown leather bag from the late 60's. This bag is my new favorite from a long ago thriftventure. I had hidden it from myself and found it after the move. You would not believe the quality of this bag!

Option #4
I may not wear this for turkey day...but I cannot wait to wear it somewhere. Though I found this cute little paper doll jumper at the thrift,I think it is new-ish and in the style of those fun early 70's knit pieces.Paired with skinnies,a brown vintage mock turtle,boots,and that delicious purse!
I am just so happy I am having fun again with my wardrobe...and that new kick boxing class I am taking helps me look good in it!
So what are you wearing this Fall?
*I wasn't sure I would enjoy "the floor collection" in the new home so I thought I would try my dress form.......ummm....yeah...not so much..I think I will stick with my "floor collection" format!


sarah said...

Option #3 - it's gorgeous!

Here's to 2010 kicking 2009's crappy tail.

Household 6 said...

Oh yay!! I'm so happy you're coming back to your "floor spread" again~ these were the funnest posts to read :)

Holly Hall said...

I love the last two outfits! That dress is so pretty and Thanksgiving like with it's gorgeous fall colors.
It's good to see you back. I'm trying to get back on the blogging wagon after a year of sketchy posting too. Here's hoping 2010 will be a better year for you.

rochambeau said...

Hey Lisa Gabriella, Who need Vogue when be have YOU!!! You have your own great style! And YES I DO remember that white and Green coat!!!!!!!!!! Also, love that black velvet caplet. The one thing I remember tickling me when I first found your site were your Barbie vatreens!!
Well, hears a toast to each one of us finding our way through the tunnel of life's changes to the other bright side!
Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm thankful for you!
That we met.

Rebecca said...

Oh how I wish I had your handbag collection!

Hello, old friend, sorry I've been absent! In my defense life has been a whirlwind of craziness.

Heidi Ann said...

I absolutely LOVE these posts! Your outfits always look completely fabulous.
And I am seriously in love with that blue floral dress.


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