Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thriftventure Chock Full of Fall Fabulosities!

It has been a bit of time here at JDP when last I had a posting about my thriftventures.Thrifting is still as much a part of me today as when I was a teen.Absolutely no where else can one happen upon the most unique,intriguing and REJECTED items of our society.A true modern art museum in every cramped and cluttered shop!Knick-knacks,embroidered linens,rhinestone jewels...... that X-mas angel in the spitting image of Rupaul....Its all there just waiting to be rescued.
I am sure we all have our own mental "to be thrifted" list and on mine was an Alfred Shaheen dress.

Well kiss my Eames chair I found one for 3 BUX!!!! WITH A PAGODA on it!!!
Alfred Shaheen was famous for his silk screened print aloha wear in the 50's through the the late 80's. I am guessing this piece is a shift from the late 60's. I have already wore it with skinny jeans and pumps,but it needs a bit of tailoring for a better fit.

Click to enlarge and check out the silk screened signature!

Another piece from 68-71ish time frame. A coat dress from Niemans,isn't it a bit of a thrill to thrift high-end vintage? This was 4 bux...and I am kuh-razy for the print,green flowers has always been a personal favorite concept! I'm thinkin' blk tights and docs...or heck maybe green tights if I can find them.

An ethereal bed jacket for under 2 dollars to go with the rest of my collection .

...and can you totally dig crazy Aunt Matilda's left over couch upholstery dress? This is the frock I am most looking forward to wearing this fall...definitely black Docs and black tights(price tag, 2 bux)!

Also at under 2bux a statement necklace in the guise of a butterfly,this will pair nicely with my newest bedjacket.

and we finally come to what is probably my favorite thrifted item of the summer(just last week). A copper cameo pendant! I also have a pewter cameo necklace thrifted long ago(I think in my single days!).I remember paying 5 bux for it and it is still one of my FAVORITE pieces to wear! This one cost 6 bux(not bad inflation)and that sort of thrift store price always gives me pause...but not when its a COPPER CAMEO NECKLACE!!!!!!!!

Last but not least a pretty little porcelain bauble that has inspired a Halloweenie project...can you guess what it is?


Heidi said...

Lisa, I think that Shaheen pagoda dress was simply waiting for you to find it and love it! It's PERFECT for you!

rochambeau said...

Dearest Jungle Dream P,
Thank you much! Oh how I smiled my way through this post! Thank you, et Merci bien!

You are a fun and stylish one!

When we see each other, It would be my pleasure to alter your Alfred Shaheen shift for you!!

babelfish said...

Where do you find these beautiful things? that pagoda dress has your name written all over it, what a find!

rochambeau said...

Wait till you see the skirt my S I L sent my mom. I'm wearing it tonight. Will get my mom to take a photo for you. YOU will adore!


strawberry lemonade girl said...

Ooooh those are all amazing!!! The Shaeeh is fabulous. I find his things are hit and miss...I've seen somewhere the pattern was great but the shape of the dress a touch dowdy (i know, sacrilege!) but your is GENIUS!!!! I love it. I love the Neiman's dress too ( totally love seeing the fancy vintage labels in thrift finds) but the necklaces are esp fun....that butterfly has me swoooning!!! I had an amazing butterfly and it broke (the metal weakened and snapped). Waaah! I can't wait to see you in all this finery!!


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