Friday, September 22, 2006

WIP friday ,my kitchen,before and during

I am actually repeating a pic because, I'm afraid I might offend some readers delicate sensibilities (especially mine)if I begin this post with such a harsh image.The time has come for the Pagoda to have "a bubble bath and a pedicure". We are having the counter tops redone in a deep taupey/grey quartz. We are keeping the cabinetry,for they are original to the house. Note how the cabinets angle in for more leg room. That is how the architect ,Cliff May ,intended. For those who have been through this process you will notice on the "during"pic below ,we have had our backsplash ripped up. The kitchen is actually the painless portion of the "nose powdering". On tuesday one of our 2 bathrooms will begin to be taken down to the studs. Iam both scared and excited to go on this re-model adventure and I am hoping my excitement will buoy my spirits during this process.I'll keep you posted.
You may click on this image to enlarge the soon to be gone counter tops.

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