Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Blogpanions!

This is it. My meager thanksgiving decor.I do love my turkey collection(thrifted ofcourse,save the little salt/pepper shakers,they were inherited from Grandma) they look absolutely splendid and just right to my eye,mingling with the chic Nambe candlestix,and the Jean Cocteau prints in the background.. This is my decorating recipe in a nutshell:,the high/low aesthetic,something modern minimal and chic paired with something fun and kitsch-filled.
The older I get the more special Thanksgiving becomes. I personally NEED to take the time to be thankful,I have so much. The important things to me really are all in place. A beautiful ,loving extended family and dear friends that accept me and love me because of and in spite of all my eccentricities.We have our health,my husband (my perfect partner,how did we find each other?) has a wonderful career,and even I get to be creative in my chosen career,as I begin rehearsals for Hair in the new year!My girls are unique,loving and smart and I am always thankful for that shot of my husbands gene pool running through their blood!
Lastly I am thankful for YOU, blogpanions!What an original little village in this cyber world. We each march to the beat of our own drummer,we follow our own muse and its a beautiful thing!Why, I no longer have the crazy craft magazine habit that once threatened to land me in the Betty Ford clinic for addictions.I thank each of you for your diversity and for inspiring me in your own way,Happy Thanksgiving!


Peta said...

I love those salt and pepper shakers, so cute and kitsch! I love how you have combined modern minimalist with vintage kitsch.

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! My turkey stuff never comes out of the box, and I am already too deep into the x-mas stuff by then.

VictoriaE said...

It's true, reading blogs is far better than reading magazines, the diversity and realness is so inspiring.


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