Monday, November 20, 2006

Pea-Hawk Chasing at Waimea Falls!

To wrap up our lovely trip to paradise,I shall tell the tale of A Pea-hawk chase!
While touring the North Shore of Hawaii,Crooked Halo and my sweet husband decided to hike (in the rain ) up to Waimea Falls and experience the life altering change that comes from a first swim in a brisk,natural waterfall.Considering the swimming skills of the other two family members(and the platform sandals, sported by this slave to fashion)my Littlest Flower Blossom and I decided to stay behind and make our own fun.
That fun began just as soon as little Magnolia petals first glimpsed a Peacock. "Mommy what ith that?",a Peacock I answered ,"yeth a Pea-Hawk ,I want one!".As you can see ownership was but a gift shop purchase away.
Almost got him...
...he picks up speed...
..and its the Pea-Hawk by a tail feather!Big sister in front of the real falls.
Note:No Pea-hawks were harmed during the actual filming of this post.


Timothy Hogan said...

As the North-American Co-Chair Emeritus of the "Save The Pea-Hawk" fund I can only say it was with great fear that I watched your "slide-show" of the cruel taunting and "simulated pusuit" of this fine fowl. It's never nice to scare something with a brain the size of a chick pea. And I oughta know. Harrumph!

Amanda Button said...

i love it! Pea-hawk feathers are some of the most wonderful things in nature! Little miss Magnolia has fantastic taste (like her mama! LOL!)

Petula Darling said...

"I want one" is exactly what I said when I saw my first peacock in person too!
Of course I was in my 30s and was nowhere near as cute as The Little Bud. There was no chasing involved, but my husband did have to do some convincing to keep me from populating our yard with them (it was the mention of their human-like screaming that did it).


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