Friday, December 15, 2006

The Family Tree!

Here it is, my ABSOLUTE favorite Christmas item. My aluminum Christmas tree that spins! We inherited it from my husbands grandmother,and I will say it again ,for me,Christmas is family and tradition. I use my beloved tree to tell the story of our family. I decorate with only gold and silver and most ornaments have a special meaning and remind us of special times in our lives.
These lovely little girls above and below remind me of ornaments I had as a child,and I simply could not decorate the tree without a liberal dose of vintage.

This one hung on the tree awaiting the arrival of baby Crooked Halo (before we even knew she was a girl).She sits on a crescent moon,more about that symbol later.
This is our most recent acquisition ,to remind us of Hawaii. She is etched in the cut glass windows of the Le'olani palace . The only royal palace on American soil.
This Shag ornament commemorates the 50th anniversary of Disney Land,and we were there.
You might notice many sun and moon ornaments floating freely on our tree. I met my sweet husband playing opposite him in, The Fantasticks ,act 1 takes place in the moonlight and act 2 takes place in the sun. The show played in December so these symbols have extra special meaning to us at Christmas time.
The family business (or atleast passion).
We giggle at this poor child every year and call her "the ugly angel" ,I do not like that word ,but somehow she makes it warm and fuzzy,and we have deep affection for her.
The ornament waiting the arrival of The Little Petal.
On our 10 year anniversary,we were at Seaworld,my husband ask me what I wanted . When I saw this fish with 10 hearts on her ,I knew I had found the perfect thing(plus she wears false eyelashes like my mother!).
Another favorite vintage ornament.
The Madonna angel.
My girls think silver is the traditional Christmas tree color,and would find a real tree to be not Christmasy at all. Crooked Halo tells me several times during the season"Mom ,no one has a more beautiful tree than ours".Ofcourse I agree with her ,but thats just because this particular tree tells OUR story.


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful tree - made all the more special by the meaning behind it!

Peta said...

I love that tree and those sweet faced angel ornaments! It all looks so coordinated and well spaced!

Heidi said...

It's so pretty and sparkly! I love the color scheme of the silver & gold. Wonder if my kids will think trees only come in silver, too? ;) Thanks for sharing the significance of your ornaments!

S. said...

Your enthusiasm for Christmas & your tree is adorable. So is your daughter's comment about the tree.

I love that you are not an ornament or tree snob. People who stick to a colour or strickt theme can be a bit boring like their matchy attitudes.

Petula Darling said...

Your tree looks wonderful.
I love that everything has meaning AND it's all color-coordinated.

Signe said...

Don't I have the same grandmother? Honest, I don't remember that silver tree other than at your house! Anyway, the tree looks great - the girls and I have a REAL tree that I chopped down - on my b-day in a snowstorm! Love to you all!!!!

Heidi said...

It's gorgeous! I know you can buy those aluminum trees now, but it's cooler that yours is vintage and from your family.

Mary Jane said...

I think I can hear Burl Ives singing "Silver and Gold".

Sarah and Jack said...

So, do you have cats? I always wanted an aluminum tree, but I fear for the cat's bellies. And it is WAY cool that you inherited yours. (My big white tree was actually my grandmothers.)

StephenMosher said...

It is a truly beautiful tree. I, so, envy your children for the magic you must bring to their lives at Christmas.


Lucy said...

Thanks for sharing your stories & memories behind your tree and ornaments! Everything looks so pretty!


cinderelly said...

i LOVE your silver tree! my grama had that same one, and she had pink bell ornaments on it! my hub decided he wanted a fake tree, since he had to clean up the mess after christmas, but i was vetoed by all when i wanted a silver tree like grama's! :[


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