Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year

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Hello and Happy New Year out there in Bloglandia.....landia...landia...andia...(she listens to the ghostly echo in her cavernously empty and seemingly abandoned blog!)!
Can I just say that busy would be a bit of an understatement,with regards to the comings and goings here at the Pagoda! The holidays were a blur,coming into them my oldest babe and I had shows right up until X-mas eve,and we STILL decided it would be a great idea to have our annual X-mas Eve party!I am soooo glad we did. It is always fun with lots of adventures in alcohol (including Pumpkin-tinis and creme licquer shots out of candy cane shot glasses)and ending with a big round of Haiku death match!Much fun was had by all.Unfortunately the fun ended on Christmas day,when the Little Petal contracted a particularly nasty stomach bug and landed at the ER for dehydration.My oldest and I caught the bug shortly there after.Thankfully the Theatre was dark and we were all able to get well before our brush up rehearsal this past Wed.Today we are all catching our breath after a 6 show weekend (twice on Sat and twice on Sun). The play is pretty much the thing around here.I have been careful to try and do vocal rest during the day as the show is vocally demanding both in dialogue and singing(this particular theatre does not use mikes). Last night during the final duet lines of the show(sung in unison with my leading man),I heard my little voice cut out,and thought,yup ,thats all she wrote folks!Ah ,sweet rest until Thursday when I will no doubt be chomping at the bit to get back to it!

_______________________ A Buy Handmade Holiday Re-cap
While I did not take the buy handmade pledge,I decided to do what I could to support independent artists this holiday. Starting with this fabulously unique necklace(aptly named "Children of the Damned") by Doll Disaster Design.The perfect present for my VERY unique angel with the crooked halo!I have been dying to have a reason to own one of Tessa's amazing creations and hope Crooked Halo will let me borrow it!
Next up some Blythe hoodie bling from La Coque. A perfect stocking stuffer and a BEYOND stylish ,unique AND reasonable offering from Jody. If you have not visited her shoppe hurry there now!
An amazingly witty purse from The Moon Is My Mother. I ordered this rather late but the amazing Holly made sure it got there on time before X-mas,and C.H. LOVED it!!!! Check out her shop please!!!
Something I ordered early was this darling and whimsical pottery piece from A Fanciful Twist. This was to be for my Sister,after a crazy clean up on X-mas eve day,somehow this treasure from Vanessa was lost. I am still hoping to find it. I was downright depressed about it being lost,because my gift giving this year was not up to what it usually is,and I was so happy with this purchase.

______________________A New Chapter in Pagoda-ville?__________________
Remember way back here when I spoke some of some growing pains my family was experiencing with our house? We are currently in negotiations for a new house. This house.It has the same mid century feel of my beloved Cliff May home,but with an extra 1000 sq. feet to feel that way in!
Please keep your fingers crossed for us as we are not entirely convinced the seller wants to sell it. This house has soooo many possibilities and I am trying not to grow too attached.This home is like a grown up cousin of our current abode. Lets just say if our sweet little house ate all of its Wheaties it might look like this house.Please think positive thoughts for us!
So I usually ABSOLUTELY ADORE the "out of the box"(note quotes)or show me your innovation type challenges. I do however ,have to admit I was initially turned off by the Hershey's Candy Store challenge. Unlike the classic grocery store challenge and subsequent clothes off your back,flower shop,and recycling facility type challenges,this one had a sponsor attached to it.Thus the raw materials were all a bit similar.I did in the end love the Reece's Pieces out of it though. I still think there was a dearth of original raw materials and truly do not blame the designers for picking similar items,after all they had to focus on grabbing as much as they could find that was workable in a short period of time,and the playing field was absolutely even.
Kits dress was probably the only one I would actually consider wearing. Of course I would style it NOTHING like she did.For me to wear it I would cut the Rolo belt and layer a brown but feminine sweater 'neath it with brown lace tights and Peter Fox type brown granny boots.
However,I don't think the point was to make a necessarily wearable garment. Those judges wanted fantasy!
Rami won this one and I have to admit an audible delighted gasp escaped from me when I saw it walk down the runway.It has been his most playful and youthful design yet!
We lost Elisa,and while her dress was probably the least attractive of the bunch,I was superdy-duper sad because she was one of my faves.I am a bit worried about this trend of Auf'ing "the mongrel garment" each eppy. Yes it seems logical,but as the playing field narrows and the designers get tired theres bound to be a misstep from someone who usually delivers.
In this particular challenge I also loved Jillian's Twizzler ensem(though the bustier fit was whack!),Chris's Stephen Sprouse tribute and Christians Reece's Peanut Butter Cup ,cup dress,yes ,I know it brought to mind Michaels ,coffee filter dress,but come on now,it was wonderful,and whimsically chic!
Honestly I could elaborate on each and every dress so delighted with this challenge I became,but I have already taken up sooo much of your time. I will say I thought Victoria also gave her most playful piece to date,and felt she was perhaps unfairly taken to task. She did after al step out of her comfort zone(crazy model catwalk "ice princess walk" request aside!).
Happy New Year all!!!!!!


Sarah and Jack said...

I actually quite liked the results of the Hershey challenge also. Unlike you though, I am glad the spitter is out!

Anonymous said...

yay, thanks for mentioning me and my little shop! I love that somewhat evil looking doll necklace you posted as well. I had the same initial thoughts as you on the hershey PR challenge. did work out in the end! I liked kit's and the winners, and seriously didn't think sweet peas was that bad, probably the most practical for real women to wear in real life.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Your right Sweet P's wasn't that bad,especially considering she could have let that skinned teddy bear print go down the runway,but yeah,definitely an accessible to the general public piece!
I felt the other "mongrel" was Kevins. It wasn't all that bad shape wise ,but that brown "velvet" was simply dreadful looking on the runway!
The more I think about it Hershey's ,should team up with Kit and mass produce the skirt portion of her piece,heck,make the bustier too! They could make a dang nab (York patty) mint from it!
Whatta you bet a line of upscale or at least over priced clothing line appears in the store from this?

AnastasiaC said...

Hey Ive missed you girly...i just got back online myself
Happy New Year to you and yours...hope its a FAB year ahead!!
love the handmade goodies...i think Im going to shop more 'handmade' love all year around...

AnastasiaC said...

forgot to say fingers crossed for the house!!! hope you get it - looks great!!!
we hope to find something we LOVE this year...or fix up our investment rundown - either way we need to move, we're running out of space!

Jane said...

Oh, how I wish I had cable! While in Florida I did catch one episode of PR, but wouldn't you know it was a repeat of another season. Must be patient and wait for DVD. Then the indulgence of a whole PR weekend...

Welcome Back & Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

What a schedule your little household keeps! Great to have you back...the chinese red is lush-ess for the new year.

Fingers crossed for you new home, wonderful light throughout. Great goodies you found here...(I too have a tiny Fanciful dish!)

well, happy happy ms jdp!

Angelina said...

Welcome back to your blog! I am so sorry to hear about your miserable run in with stomach flu- it is especially hard when it's your baby and it gets bad.

It sounds like you're having a great time with the play though. How long will it run for?

About the house- a million good thoughts are headed your way right now. I will be writhing in envy for sure, since I already love what I've seen of the house you have- but I will still love you anyway. And I hope this deal goes through so you can all be more comfortable.

Good luck!!! said...

Life has beeeen craziola here too!! But not with a bizillion shows!! How do you girls do it??? My gooodnes gracious!!!

Super duper fingers crossed on that AMAZING house. Oh, how hard not to get attached!!! I am going to pray too, and maybe light some cadles for you!!

Huge hugs a bunches!!! xooxx

Did you say the cutie is LOST???? hahahaa, it will turn up!! xoxo I should have sent it straight to the recipient... ;) xoxo

Petula Darling said...

I love the doll-disaster necklace. I've been gazing longingly at the things there for myself, but I just can't decide on which one.
Good luck on the house!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Sooooo Glad to see you back!!! A Happy New Year to you!!!
Now......I'm doing some serious concentrating on you getting that new house!!!! It's sooo you and you need it! So, I think you should have it!!! Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate!
Hugs to you!

rochambeau said...

Welcome back to Bloglandia Mdm. Jungle Dream! Glad you're feeling more yourself again! Happy about how well your show has been going!
Fingers crossed that you will find VV pretty plate, and get the new Barbie Dream House!

I'll be back in Tx in Spring. We'll have to see what kind of Martin's we can concoct then.

all for now,
Mdm. Rochambeau

stilettoheights said...

Darling one!!!!! Oh that house....I do hope you get it, all my everything is crossed for you.

big things are happening.

oh are you feeling better???

Babelfish said...

Happy new year! So sorry to hear that your family members were ill over the holidays, but at least everything is back to normal now. Loving that house, it's amazing (like a Mondrian painting)!

Heidi said...

Welcome back. Fingers crossed and prayers said for the house.

Any chance you'd share that pumpkin-tini recipe? My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

alexgirl said...

Happy New Year!
I love your La Coque hoodie bling! I got some too!
I haven't watched Project Runway (no cable, poor me) but I love the hershey's pic you posted. Soooo funny!


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