Thursday, August 03, 2006

Indy Thriftventures, the X-mas set

Back in the not so distant past, when I was lurking in the cyber shadows of blogland,I would stumble upon a new tasty site with December archives. I would then hungrily and voyeuristically devour its' contents. It was never dissapointing to me. Each site was as unique as its' authors' point of view.
The funny thing is, most of you dig vintage X-mas goodies as much as I do. I'm sure my husband hopes for the sake of your poor husbands,and significant others, that you do not. When December rolls around you'll see why.
In the mean time heres the X-mas set of my Indy Thriftventures. The pictures are not the best, so please forgive me I'm still learning the art of blogtography.
The dollies and deer are for my littlest flower blossoms' tree,and cost 60 or 80 cents each.The cards came in a big box for 60 cents and I have multiples of each design.The little elves were just 50 cents so they had to come home with me. My favorite purchase of the trip ,was this amazing tablecloth from the 50's. Cost? A buck 45.


StephenMosher said...


It is always best when I am with you when you discover these things and say "lala LALALA la la!!!"

Sad that I missed it.

Great finds!

thebutterflycollector said...

hi there, christmas in your house must be a winter wonderland! Your kids must love it! My husband and I have hardly decorated in the last few years and we'e had a tiny tree! But this year our little one will turn two and we are going o make it a big chrissy with a big tree! It looks like you've found some wonderful things a -thrifting too! Thanks for visiting my blog, shae xo


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