Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What is your all-time favorite thrifted item?

For me the answer to that question will always be my wedding dress. As I approach my lucky 13th wedding anniversary later this month, with my beautiful and devoted husband, I feel the need to take a walk down memory lane.
In Thrift Score, Al Hoff talks about scopin' out the parking lot 1st. If you see a car with a Fugazi sticker on it you better hit it to your favorite section before they get the goodies.
T- towne was my favo-rite thrift spot. At the time they had a section of vintage clothes which they rather charmingly referred to as "old fashions". Often the real treasures were tucked, unbeknownst to them ,among the more contemporary clothes, but you could still count on "old fashions" for a couple of perks to your wardrobe. I always saved this section for last, kinda like a thrift fudge sundae, if you will.
On this particular day, I noticed a beat up purple Karmen Ghia with a Ministry sticker on it. I was immediately nervous. Sure enough, there were a couple of goth-esque type cuties hoverin' around "old fashions", in fact they were completely blocking my entrance to the clothing rack. One of em' had MY wedding dress in her hands talking about how she could cut up the lace and die it red! Well ofcourse we all know how when someone else has something in their hands at a thrift store it immediately becomes 3 times as valueable, but that lace , it was alencon lace! Thank the thrift store gods above it was 29.95 and a very small size,(hey, that was before 2 kids). I had never before spent that much money at the thrift store, and my hubby had not even yet, proposed. I saw the possibilities and immediateley forked over the cash.
So come on now, whats your favorite thrifted item ?


One Chic Chick said...

What a beautiful dress...those sleeves are incredible!

I'd have to say my favorite thrift store find lately, would be a lime green banana republic tee-shirt that I wear a LOT and this beautiful orange dress, which is too small but may work reconstructed as a top...it came with a beautiful orange scarf/shawl and tiny matching purse...how could I resist?

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful story! I think my fav recent thrift find is my Le Cresuet pan for $6 but I have many things in my home that have been thrifted that I love dearly. Cheers!

MaryAnn said...

Oh, how fun! I have so many favorite finds, how can I choose only one!? Maybe my set of 1960's powder blue china? My red velvet chair? My collection of odd little s & p shakers? Hmmm....

carrster said...

I got some faux leather go-go boots for $2! I have one through 1 1/2 heels on them (had them re-done for 7 bucks once) but now finally they are cracking and time for retirement. I've had them for 7 years.

darlingdivadurelle said...

OK...my fave is my Carved French arm chair which I paid 15 buck for .... To tranform it to my own style I only spent 150 for reupholstery adn fabric.... Sell these all the time at EA for $500-$900
Alsooooooo..I found an American Girl Barbie in a "Bag-O Dolls" for $1.75....she is worth about 400....course I will not sell her....
Your BIG sis

Oblivious Maven said...

I would like to say that it's the vintage coat that I bought on Ebay, but it didn't quite turn out like I had hoped! I've been wanting to check out some vintage specialty shops, hope I get around to it some day!

StephenMosher said...

I remember the night you phoned me at home on Hudnall and asked what are you doing tonight? It was around eight on a weeknight but I said nothing, come on over. When you got there, you told me you had found your wedding dress and you whipped it out and lay it on the floor and described, in detail, what you would do to make it right for your wedding day--which had not even become a glimmer in Chris' eyes, for he had not even proposed.

What joy it was to be there to not only watch you walk down the aisle but to photograph it as well. And you did, indeed, do what you said you would do to that dress.

And you looked like a million bucks. A million and a half.

Love ya

my house is cuter than yours said...

your wedding dress totally kicks ass and i love the story! i am so with you about looking for the 'cool kid's' cars in the parking lot. If i don't have a certain item i am looking for then my stratgy is to head toward the collectables first because one size fits all with those right? Then i go to the clothes lastly. I keep in my mind what Al said about mostly likely no one else in that particular thrift at that particular time is looking for the same things as me... then i take a deep breath and hope i don't have to shove some old lady out of my way of an Empire Light up santa! ha ha ha ha!

Barb said...

Does ebay count? I got a geometic tapestry in pink yarns. The most I've ever spent on ebay ($132) but I adore it so much. I just started another blog all about thrifting. Actually, I named it, and have the page, but I still have to post to it. Should be fun though. Thanks for supporting my blog--I appreciate every comment!

BJ said...

I found you I found you I found you.

...and I really did. How have we gone so long without seeing each other? It's redic. We must not let this happen again.

How did you get the BOW picture so fast....wow?

tim hogans blog is epistleoftimothy on blogspot.com

freak him out and answer him.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox to you all!!!


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