Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ode to my thrifting passion

Like Al Hoff,of Thrift Score, my absolute favorite place to pursue vintage goodies, is the Thrift Store.
When I was still a teen it was all about vintage clothes,prom gowns,cowboy boots, Audrey Hepburn dresses, hand painted Mexican skirts,tooled leather and lace, anything lacey. When I began living alone, I began my love affair with 50's lamps and kitschy knickknacks. Believe me when I tell you I have owned more than one aluminum X-mas tree.
When I married, I wore a fabulous gown,with magnificent alencon lace from the 60's. My oh so creative mother, helped me deconstruct it into a perfect, of the moment bridal gown. Cost? 29.95. My tragically hip oldest angel even says she wants to wear it on her special day. For my beautiful,husband,I found his white and yellow gold wedding band from the 50's at the same place for 40 dollars! Ah me ,good old T-Towne Ft.Worth. My thrifting habit grew so out of control, I had to get a booth in an antique mall. I might have broken even, but really it was just my thrifting warehouse, my excuse to thrift even more. Alas the halcyon days of thrifting,were not to last forever. Life in the thrift lane was becoming picked over. So its' a good thing we moved to the midwest! Indianapolis, not as much theatre, but wow were the thrift stores brimmin', and now I had a basement! In Indy it seems all you had to do was announce to the universe you had decided to collect donkeys pulling wagons and suddenly you had a collection big enough to fill your window sill.
We have long since moved back to Dallas, and I still miss those thrift stores. An opportunity for a visit to Indy has arisen. So I shall be gone for a bit but back with lots of yummy thrifted booty.
Heres a question, what is your most amazing thrifted treasure, and what is the object you most regret leaving behind , in a thrift store?


Rebecca said...

Wow, is that part of your collection? You have a great eye! I'm headed to Baltimore this weekend to thrift, not so many good places here in New York City. Cheers!

jungle dream pagoda said...

All the items in the picture were thrifted by me personally,except the brown lace dress,which was a thrifted gift. So Rebecca,whats your fave thrifted item?

darlingdivadurelle said...

I know how much you LOVE to get feed back.....and I haven't had a chance to even visit for (been busy getting ready for dollie convention)
But hmmmmm.....fave thrifted item....yikes soooo many..hard to say.Mom raise us right...with an eye for fun and value..
you have to make a comment about how we used to play THEME wedding at Town.

Big sis...darling diva durelle

StephenMosher said...

Not a savvy thrifter...

But I did get a Versace suit thrifing. For fifty bucks. Of course, I can no longer wear it. It's about six sizes too big!!

I still love to go into Thrift stores, second hand shops, retread places. I never know what I am looking for but I feel your tacit guidance, every time.

These days the thrifting experience has become about bidding on online auctions for my movie poster collection. If I can get the poster for ninety nine cents..!!! And then get more at the same cost and combine shipping and handling!!! YeeHaw!

Anonymous said...
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