Friday, February 16, 2007

Stilletto Heights Fantasy Slumber Party

Jennifer of Stilletto Heights
Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist
and ofcourse my little ol' dollie doppleganger self
Jennifer is hostessing A virtual slumber party! Wow! What a cool pad ,it's a giant stilletto pump!

Naturally ,her fine art collection would include shoes!

...and how adorable a retro troll collection.
Look at the amazing mural of her signature and semi/autobiographical comic book,on the wall ! Wow,she must be making a killing with her ETSY shop.

JDP and Vanessa arrive at the slumber party.
JDP :Hey wheres the artist formerly known as Cinderellas Revenge?
Vanessa :Oh, she's busy re-inventing herself.
Jen :Would you look at us 3 girls we all have the exact same perfect body of 100 percent injected molded plastic.
All 3 girls squeal with delight and in unison and say : Bitchin!!!

JDP :Vanessa that is so sweet that you brought Knowme to cuddle up to.
Vanessa: Jen I have to say that large troll doll is kinda creepy!
Jen:Oh ,never mind him ,thats just my stalker Aaron, he thinks he's in disguise.You know I never realized he had a pierced belly button.

Jen: So gals shall we settle in and watch Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live ?
Vanessa:Oh damn,that reminds me ,I forgot to bring the Tiger Beat magazines!
JDP :..and when SNL is over I brought my bootleg copy of Idina Menzels closing Broadway performance in Wicked !
All 3 in unison: EEEEEE !!
Aaron : YAY!!! Show tunes I am so there!

JDP : MMMMMM,donuts!!
Jen: Yes,and since these are virtual calories we can have as many as we want!
Vanessa:There so good!Crispy yet creamey!

Jen: Hey Vanessa,wheres Knowme?

And a happy ending was had by all.
Aaron: MMMM ,virtual beer AND donuts !

****As you can tell the party is just getting started so heres the details again come and join us ! I must also send loving apologys to all the characters in todays story. Especially to Aaron,whom I have never met or even read until today ,when he skewered Ben,whom I believe is probably a dear freind,even calling him a hairy monkee in the zoo. This is just my way of helping him settle his karmic debt with the universe.


stilettoheights said...

OMG I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.


jewelstreet said...

OMG! That is freaking hilarious! I love it.

No worries about the tiger beat mags. I've got them. lol.


Gillian said...

Hey there party girl!! This is the first time I have visited your blog and what better time to do than at a slumber party! I LOVE what you have done with the place

gilfling said...

Aacht I published before I had finished!! But I meant to say I love your blog!! Be back later. x

Karen Beth said...

That is so adorable! I'm at the party now too. Here I am:

Hooray for slumber parties!!! :)

Aaron said...

Ha! Love it! Very clever, And I think the blue hair flatters me, actually. Plus, it looks like I wind up with a lil' troll chick in the end (to go with my virtual beer and donuts), so really: good times.

It's nice of you to try and karma correct for Ben, but I assure you, we've been friends for twenty-some-odd years; the ribbing is how we show love.

stilettoheights said...

hi peeps...

yes, aaron and ben are bff's though ben has been strangely silent today...

something is strange.

also.....Break a leg again tonight my jungle Hippie goddess!!

KSV said...

You are absolutely hilarious!! As Vanessa's sister, I have to say totally nailed her personality. HAHAHAHAHA!

Vanessa said...

I LOOOOVe it!!! I am here I am here!!! I am latE!!! I am apple computer challenged! I love you!! Youa re amazing!! I am laughing histerically!!

darlingdivadurelle said... know how I love the dollies....sorry I am missing the slumber party...but not on the blog thing yet...but I am enjoying you buddies sites too...Venessa (love the drawings) and Jennifer (love that Stiletto hights. name..)
So Dollie-ON girls and stay up late for me too....Durelle

Timothy Hogan said...

I feel all PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT with giant stillettos all around.


P.S. I still want the blonde boy from your last post.

KSV said...

We definitely can have super collosal dirty martinis. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Mary Jane said...

Fab slumber party-down!

Ben! said...

You're my new favorite person!

kimberly sherrod said...

The best slumber party I have ever been to- virtual or not! Rock on sistah hippie chick!! Yee Hawww!!!pass me another donut!![word verification: ipeckob} (really?)

eb said...

oh dear JDP - you are too fun I had to read it twice - ok 3 times - xox - eb.


A Fanciful Twist said...

Hi Lovely. I did a drawing of us!! It is funny. I can't believe you took all this time to do this. It is wonderful!! I love it. I keep coming back!! xxo Vanessa

Peta said...

Love the donuts and the groovy pad! That troll is freaking me out...

AnastasiaC said...

What a cool IM bitchin cause I missed out!!! ohhh donuts too!!! not fair!

My Marrakech said...

Hey, I have that same perfect body, too:-) What a fun party:-)

mosaic queen said...

You had me laughing out loud!!! I mean "Way" loud!!!! I LOVE your creative spirit!!!
You Rock Ms. Pagoda!!!!!

cruststation said...

So much fun, must have been fun getting ready for the party :) The blonde girl have an uncanny resemblance to Vanessa.

Dee Light said...

Too Cute!!


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