Wednesday, November 15, 2006


One of my favorite things about Hawaii, is the influence of the Japanese culture. A place to celebrate that flavor is at Ala Moana Mall at the Japanese department store,Shirokiya! Note : the girls and I are all wearing vintage Aloha wear(thrifted in Texas).
Inside is a treasure box of goodies,oh how I wish I had bought more!
Not to worry though,I scarfed up plenty of Pagoda delights!
These adorable little animals all are wearing Kimonos,you betcha some went home with me!
The top floor is all edible items,including a Japanese bakery.
My South Beach principles went completely down the drain when I sat foot in this store! Mochi is a Japanese rice pastry,my fave version gives you bite size pieces wrapped around ice-cream its SCRUMTRULESCENT !
It is also made fresh in the bakery,here is a couple of versions that made it back to big D with me.The top version has little pancakes wrapped around vanilla flavored Mochi, the bottom tray features strawberry ,coconut,and blueberry.I gotta find a place that sales this in Dallas,or then again perhaps I should let it be a special Hawaiian indulgence!


Sarah and Jack said...

Mmmmmmm, my favorite thing is that strawberry flavored Japanese chocolate.

Rebecca said...

HOW FUN! I would have spent a fortune in there! We have some great stores here in Chinatown, but not that good. It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

miss vintage love said...

Ooooh those look so good!!

Petula Darling said...

I'm so jealous!

fat88fat said...

Chi-Chi Mochi is my favorite.
You're in luck the Texas based Whole Foods market is now selling "Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream," ya it's darn expensive but cheaper than airfare in a desperate hour.

Anonymous said...

Why yes! I do see some muumuu love in this month of pics!! It's almost warmed up enough around here to sport one again. Although that didn't stop me from wearing one for Xmas as well. The one you liked the best (#2 on the top row) was the one I wore to the WhiteBoy's Ball. I was such a diva with a big huge flower in my hair. And, cough cough, I was so much cuter than the overaged drunk ladies wearing their daughter's prom dresses!!!! Hehehe


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