Monday, November 13, 2006

Back from Hawaii !

I have yet another busy week ahead ,however I did want to check in and say hello. Hawaii is breathtakingly beautiful,and yet that statement still seems superfluous. Our family vacation was amazimgly beautiful,also perhaps a redundant statement. I have lots to show and tell including visits to: I'olani Palace,Shirokiya(a too-too fabulous Japanese dept. store),the Northshore,and an impromptu Tiki tour.I am off to my busy-bee life,hope to check in tommorrow!


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, Shirokiya, color me jealous! Hawaii sounds fabulous at the moment,I miss the sandy beaches of Florida.

StephenMosher said...

LOOK at those beautiful females!!!

Have Mercy!

Welcome back! We missed you and your bloggin!


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to hear more about your trip! I mean, I can, because I know you're busy, but it will be hard to wait for more tiki goodness!

amanda button said...

Huzzah for Tikis!!!!
You guys look so happy on that gorgeous beach....and i am INCREDIBLY touched that you took a moment out of your vacation time to think of me and send a postcard. Thank you so much! Looking at it makes me long for the smell of the sea!
I hope you can ease back into the busycrazy as gently as possible with no permanent damage :)

carrster said...

Welcome home! Hope you had a fabulous time!

Timothy Hogan said...

I'm afraid! What is that beautiful orange ball in the sky, momma? It feels so warm, so much better that the cold grey disc outlined through the clouds. Why do my people suffer without it's golden rays while others bask and heal and tan. We must plan an Invasion of the Sunny Latitudes as soon as we can muster up the energy to do something. Or maybe we'll join in if someone else starts or BETTER YET if we drink a lot of beer first THEN we'll invade PARADISE, I just know it!


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