Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vintage Inspiration for Christmas(part one).

Heres a few goodies to inspire those of you still decorating.Honestly if its Christmas time ,I am simply bathing myself in these goodies!Here you see more lovely little reindeer,a cunning little Santa,and my favorite Joan Walsh Anglund book (autographed even!).I am busy preparing a box of vintage goodies to go out toAnastasia,in Australia,shes my swap partner for The Vintage Christmas Swap .My taste runs to the midcentury fun side of the taste-o-meter,so I'm looking for something a little more refined for Anastasia,and I think I just might have found the very right style she likes (yay me!).What fun to make a new freind at Christmas who lives so far away from me!


AnastasiaC said...

cant wait for my parcel - christmas sure is fun huh??
wow an autographed Joan Walsh Anglund book - how cool!! I have some of her books too - super cute illos!

Peta said...

Great finds as always! I hit nine op-shops the other day. No Christmas stuff at all but some great finds!

VictoriaE said...

How cool is that Santa.

StephenMosher said...

I love those Anglund books. I used to have a set but I gave them to my mommy when I was doing my massive house cleaning.

Great decorating! As if you could do anything that wasn't



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