Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Finally Finished WIP, A Vampire Prom Queen,and some ETSY Love

...and here it new bathroom... TA DA
I wanted a very clean and modern look to go with the rest of the house.It looks very bare right now(which I intend to keep that look),but we have yet to pick out vessels and cabinets,which we will add for towels and products.
Next week we start on bathroom number two!
Last night my angel with the crooked halo went as a vampire prom queen. Doesn't Amandas skullie corsage work perfectly!
Heres the full length shot of Miss Translylvania,she was just dying to win!
You can always tell I have had a busy week if I post on multiple subjects ,I tend to enjoy focusing on one subject at a time probablymy small forehead issue .With that said,I will now share a couple of treasures,purchased for my 5432 Etsy challenge,this is my final month for the pledge and I think I may re-join at some point in 2007,because it is such a wonderful thing to profile Artists and Keepers of Intriguing Objects.
Speaking of Keepers of Intriguing Objects,I give you,Covetable Curiosities. This shop has all sorts of eclectic treasures,including the above tiny vintage glass cameo from the 40's.I purchased this lovely for 3.75,and it now has the distinction of being the tiniest silohuette in my collection of cameos (this collection deserves a post of its own).
I also purchased this set of 12 tiny Tea Geisha stickers for 2.50.You knew I had to purchase something Pagoda-ish didn't you? My plans for these beautiful illustrations are to scan, enlarge, and decopauge.

With Halloween over we have entered the frantic throes of "colliding into the holidays".I'm actually quite excited. My reasons for writing Jungle Dream Pagoda,are numerous and ever-expanding,but certainly among the top 5,would have to be Christmas and decorating with a witty wink of kitsch and vintage. Almost there and ready to share.


Liesl said...

That is such a great costume idea. :)

And wonderful little etsy finds.

Jennifer said...

Ms. Transylvania - love it! Great Etsy buys, too!

Heidi said...

Love the costume! Miss Crooked Halo had to have been a shoe-in for the crown. :)

Your bathroom is gorgeous! Love that stone tile. Wow.

Jamie said...

Yay finished bathroom!!!! It looks great and I know that you are excited to have that new tub!!!!

Crooked looks great!

Amanda Button said...

The, i would lock it down and NEVER allow my kids to TOUCH it...LOL! (My boys are destructive forces of nature, tho'....i am sure your girls have MUCH better manners!) it's gorgeous!!!! I know you are relieved to have that part done!

Crooked Halo's costume is great! She is just too cute, and i am glad she found a use for her corsage!

StephenMosher said...

The bathroom is GORGEOUS! I've never seen a bathroom like this in one of your homes before; you must be thrilled to have something new and different.

Now THAT is a Hallowe'en costume! Yay to both of youse! Creativity rules.

I love the way you showcase other people's crafts on your blog. brava.



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