Monday, October 30, 2006

Everybody cut ,Everybody cut !

What a busy Halloween weekend,and its not even Halloween yet!
I had a flashback to the 80's experience this weekend watching Crooked Halo,play the the lead singer for the Country Kickers in Footloose (their big hit was "lets make believe we're in luvv"). This is a very talented little troupe and I do love watching the young ones come into their own!If you click on the image you can see MY little budding thespians face(she was the youngest in the cast and had her own song to sing!) in the 4th "o" in footloose.
It was also,interesting to watch the 80's come into their own as a very dated and iconic decade. Almost Paradise is just as syruppy as ever,even when sung by talented and earnest actors.As for costumes ,the flashdance torn tees and undershirt combo was in full force,and what the heck were we thinking about the giant plastic earings in all different colors? Thank goodness I was already into vintage and Vans when that stuff was having its moment.However, the pencil skirts sported by the ministers wife ,made me think I need to run to the thrift store and skarf a couple of those little numbers up!The finale at the Prom was quite sinply a parade of every bad Bridesmaid dress I've ever seen!Crooked Halo wore her little one-shouldered turquoise frock with her own personal matching turquoise Converse,and danced with beautiful abandon,proving once again that she will always stand out in a crowd!


carrster said...

Sounds like it was a great show! Congrats, Crooked Halo!!

Amanda Button said...

Totally Awesome!!!! :)
I know you must be bursting with mama-pride, as well you SHOULD be! Bravo, Crooked halo!

Rebecca said...

How wonderful! And way to go Crooked Halo! I bet you were the star of the show.

I had plastic earrings. LOADS of them. Sigh . . . I also wore three pairs of socks in alternating colors with my Tretorns ha ha ha

StephenMosher said...

No, you're not biased..

Not MUCH you're not!




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