Friday, June 03, 2011

My "Once upon a Time Little Girls" and the Busy Summer!

Hard to believe I now have a big 3rd grader and....

...a Hi School Sophomore on my hands!

When people tell you to enjoy the time when they are little....PLEASE do does indeed go sooooo fast! I just had to pull out a couple/3 pics of my girls when they were younger.
Today is the 1st day of summer and we are ALREADY packed to the gills!!
We are prepping for a 5 day road trip and we leave tomorrow morn at 5:00 A.M. sharp!
Upon our return's a snapshot of our busy summer and some of the projects we will be working on !
* There will be lots of reading and even some Summer volunteering at the library.

* The Little Blossom has swim practice every week day at 7:00 AM.

* We will begin a redecorating project for Princess Hipster's bedroom !

* Ruby has been ask to audition for Juliet in the Shakespeare lots-o- Bard reading!

* Ruby was also scouted by a local modeling agency and we will be working on THAT project in between (hopefully) R&J rehearsal ,swim meets,and volunteering!

....along with...what I hope will be much more family cooking time together.

* One of my big goals for summer is for the 3 girls in the fam to learn to make (and in one small fry case ) to EAT healthy meals together!!

* Another of my big goals for summer is to learn to be a better blogger! This summer I hope to spruce my little blog up a bit...(I will definitely figure out how to center that header!)...and make it an aesthetically pleasing experience to visit here!I have pushed myself to post much more regularly lately ..(which has actually been allot of fun for me)so while I am gone I will be scheduling a couple of "re-run" posts (isn't that what the networks do in the summer?) that were personal I do not "break" my posting stride!

So what about you...any summer goals?

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