Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Austin Adventures

Candy cigarettes always taste so much better out of the candy cigarette machine!
Austin, Texas is one of those...."Gee ...I really could love living there" places in my book. So it was faboo to be able to spend a long afternoon into early evening...just playing around a bit in that wonderful town!! The above was shot at the ab fab awesome Big Top Candy Shop ...where I completely threw nutrition to the wind and treated myself to a Caramel Kettle Corn ice cream cone!


After Ruby....ahem ,I mean...Hipster Princess ...finished singing at U.T ...we headed off for lunch at the Mellow Mushroom ! I ordered the "Kosmic Karma" pizza...def. drool-able....and the food item that started me on my "nutrition to the wind" path! I can see a (somewhat) healthier version of this ..pesto ,feta,and sun-dried tomato filled pie...being created in my own kitchen this summer...with a whole wheat crust subbing in!

Next it was off to a bit of a vintage crawl...with suggestions courtesy of the adorable and insanely talent laden...Jennifer Perkins of "The Naughty Secretary Club".
Um....hold it....did the fine folks of Austin also find a completely and totes awesome vintage golf sweater?
Thankfully mine was a bit less in cost!
In terms of vintage clothes we found "Cream" vintage to be our fave...taking home a couple of treasures for hardly any bux, and "New Bohemia" having a fab selection for moderate bux!

Oh....and wait...these look a bit familiar too! They were spotted hanging from the ceiling at possibly the most upscale antique mall I have ever visited! Uncommon Objects is a beautiful space where the items are wonderfully edited and displayed ....and FULL of inspiration!

This love seat NEEDS to go with my set!!
H.P. and I were also blown away by how nice and kind everyone was in Austin.Don't get me wrong...folks are also nice in Dallas...but the Austin folk took it to an entirely different level. So refreshing!
We are already planning next years trip!
Have you explored a coolio town lately?

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Vivcore said...

Oh My God a candy cigarette machine!!!!!! Why doesn't every where have one of these!? Too awesome!


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