Monday, May 16, 2011

Thriftventuring...A List to Thrift by: Item #4 Vintage Sweaters

We are having some unseasonably cool Spring days here in North Texas....which is making me a bit worried about the blazing heat that must be in store for us this Summer!
Until that time of 100 degree + temps....I shall allow myself to enjoy these cooler days.One way that always delights me is "The Breaking Out of the Vintage Sweaters".
I thought this kitschy cutie would be waiting patiently in the closet for me to test drive in the Fall.
When I am at The Thrift... the sweater aisle shall always be a glance through spot for me ....just in case.
It's getting harder to find truly authentic vintage sweaters at the thrift....but I persevere....and lookie what my reward was! A golf themed ,crazy, kitsch-a-fied, delectable! Do I golf??? No....but I relish the opportunity to don a an adorable and witty piece where the scale of the embroidered bee is the same size as the golf ball.
My "To Be Thrifted"list is growing.
I am dying to know what you found at the thrift this to share?


Heidi said...

I found a pair of vintage Tiki s&p shakers for my tiki party this summer! Also a great vtg glass pitcher with pink & black diamonds in excellent condition. Finds were sparse but I'll take quality over quantity!

jungle dream pagoda said...

OOO,,,,Heidi ,,,,both items sound great! I am on the hunt for agreat vintage pitcher right now! We are big lemon-ade drinkers here!

Vivcore said...

What a great find! I love the kitschy designs on vintage sweaters, I never find any as cool as this one though.

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

What a mega score, luv the sweater! Have fun in Austin this weekend. I think you guys will be plenty entertained on S. Congress. Vintage clothing at Cream and New Bohemia. Handmade goodies at Parts and Labour. Candy and snowcones at Big Top. If you are feeling really daring at the intersection of Oltorf and Congress in the north east corner there is a thrift store I believe called Family Thrift that is really big and usually has some good stuff. There is also ones called St. Vincent's next to the American Apparel store on S. Congress. Seems like I recall you saying you were going to be carless and those are all walking distance.


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