Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Did It !!!!

I re-opened my Etsy Store !!!!

This little up-cycled summer frock is available along with other fun goodies right here !

I took these sweet little pics of my petal princess a long while back and realized I never posted this particular photo shoot!

The bottom 3 dresses are long sold...but I thought I might post them as a sort of inspiration board for myself.

My intention for my shop is to add many more of my little creations and I am hoping to have more "fashion shoots" with my little Magnolia blossom with this same "vintage playtime" feel !
Speaking of vintage...that is what you will find (mostly) in my shop for the time being. I will try to add things daily...and hope the rainy weather in North Texas clears so I can get some nice pics!
Here is my question for you(any feed-back is appreciated)....would you like to see more staged "Vintage Playtime" fashion shoots in my shop? Or would you prefer a plain white background and the garment alone?
Happy Thursday!


Heidi said...

Since Etsy lets you post 5 photos, I'd do both! At least one of the front/back of the garment and then some of the cutie pie pics too for personality!

Vivcore said...

Awesome! Your dresses are so cute!


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