Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Patio Project !!

The sun has been hiding rather on and of this week(and for the past couple of weeks!)...but I managed to shoot a couple more pics of my finished Patio Project!
My newly dubbed "Tin Man" chairs and a thrifted plant stand ....blasted with the same glinty silver!

A pair of Tin Men chairs.A sweet little spot to sit!
Note:Our badminton net is up and in full usage as you may tell from the background !

A view from the yard looking inward! I am actually not done with my tinkering with the outdoor greenery.I need to clean up the flower beds and add a few more potted lovelies to the porch.

You can't tell that much about this galvanized steel pot...but its faboo and I have 2 others that I am thinking of RE-thinking whats inside of them.I really want to do an ALL succulent pot!
...also....have you recently checked out the Lowes Creative Ideas site? There are QUITE a few ingenious and clever projects that actually appear somewhat simple and possibly doable.
Check this privacy screen out:


Vivcore said...

I was just looking for patio furniture inspiration when you posted this! I especially like the big bright planter, too cool!

Heidi said...

Lisa, what kind of paint did you use on your red & blue chairs? I think you've inspired me and I want to paint my blah patio set, but I want to make sure I choose the right kind of paint that will hold up outside. Just what I need...ANOTHER painting project!


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