Thursday, August 31, 2006

Creative companions,part 1,Durelle

What can we say about the people that inspire us most?
I must have been born with my superpower,because from the day I came into this world I already had 3 amazingly creative souls in my life,my mother my father,and my sister.
Today is my big sister Durelles Birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate her,than to share her with the rest of the world.She was 11 when I came along and I am told instead of resenting me she wanted me. My mother sez' she couldn't pass my bassinette without kissing me.Belieive it or not ,my sister and I have never had a cross word with each other. What I do remember, is how MUCH I wanted to be like her and how fabulous she was at everything she ever did.
My sister is an Artist, the painting above is a portrait she did of my oldest baby,Crooked Halo.Believe me , her talents do not stop at visual art. She is an interior designer by proffesion now , but I remember when she wanted to be a costume designer. She has finally fulfilled that destiny as an award winning OOAK fashion doll artist.Egyptian princesses,Pirate chicks, mermaids,can-can dancers you name it. She has re-rooted their hair,re-painted their face,and ofcourse designed AMAZING costumes.
My sister is an incredible seamstress too,she's the one who has taught me my meager abilities in this medium.
When my sister began college she wanted to design costumes for the theatre dept. She became the star of the theatre dept. instead. This, I know, is what inspired me to become an actress. I was quoting monologues from Spoonriver Anthology by 2nd grade.
At X-mas when my sister comes to town its playtime for us,our most favorite activity is goin' to the thrift store,among the fun we have there is the "plan an imaginary wedding" game from the materials we have available at that particular store.We pick Bridesmaid dresses,china patterns,music and ofcourse the theme. Some favorites have included "the Hukilau with Elvis" wedding,and "the Holly Hobby" wedding (Angela,from PR , would have loved it).
After all these years I still crave my sister-time. Whether its "the big reveal" of our thriftventures or our re-cap phonecall after Project Runway,she was my 1st creative companion.


darlingdivadurelle said... make me tear up......
Thank you for makeing my day.....came home to rescue my baby blabber (Blaker) from having his jeep towed away and found your most excellent comentary on ME!
BTW to see my dolls here is my web address.....

I love U....Sis

StephenMosher said...

This is a beautiful tribute. I am so happy that you have a lifelong great relationship with your sister. I have, long, wished that I were better friends with my siblings--but that's another story. Right now I am just so glad your sister was born and was such a good older sibling to you as a child and continues to enhance your life.

Bravo to you both!

Happy birthday Durelle!

xiaonanok said...
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