Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What is Your Hidden SuperHero Power ?

Heres mine. I have the uncanny ability to draw supremely creative spirits to me.
No ,I'm not kidding.In second grade I met my Littlest Flower Blossoms godmother,she is now a twice nominated Pulitzer Prize writer. Her godfather? A noted NYC photographer ,loved by Accademy award winners and struggling actors alike ,(including ofcourse this family).Crooked Halos godparents?The godmother is about to perform a one woman show Off Broadway, while the "Don" is presently rehearsing the title character in Sweeney Todd. When I lived in Indianapolis,I worked at, The Phoenix Theatre,when the show closed the theatre was contacted on my behalf by a composer who eventually cast me as the one and only Frida Kahlo, in a new musical based on her life.This composer became my best friend there.
And now I enter Blog World.One day I leave a casual but heart felt comment to a blue Amanda at
Pandoras Button Box ,and a couple of days later I recieve a lovely e-mail from her. We soon decided to swap CDs. The CD case pictured above can only be an Amanda Button creation. The music included, or "Muse-ic, Music to Create to" can only be described as SCRUMTRULESCENT.It is music that the fairys would boogie to.

She also included this amazing embroidered skellie pin,for my tragically hip 10 year old daughter.My baby loves it! Alas I am still working on her CD, my technical skills have me stumped on one particularly annoying file, but coming soon to the Button Box, "music to regress by". Thank you Amanda, once again my superpower kicked in.


StephenMosher said...

This is a great superhero power and you do have it, in spades; but it is only because these creative spirits are drawn to you because you FEED our creativity with your light. And now all of your creative spirits and not just those of us who are proud Godparents to your daughters are drawn to all of your family because you are all inspirational to us, as artists, as humans, as storytellers.

I'm so proud to know you all, to call you family and to be one of the Godparents.

I'd love to have someone tell me what my superhero power is. If you have the ability, drop me a line sometime, won't you? And tell me? What is it?

jungle dream pagoda said...

Darling Stephen,
Your superhero power is not a hidden one. It is for all the world to see, as evidenced in your beautiful "Sweater Book" you my freind are an artist.


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