Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer Daze,Thriftin' Away

As summer begins to wind down and fade to a delicious ,and oh so busy, memory,I must brag,I mean blog, again about my amazing luck for finding goodies that probably, really found me.
We begin with the donkey, I collect these guys, and have set a price limit on them so I don't go crazy. My husband likes to call them by their "other" popular name and then refer to them as my "x-boyfriend collection". My monetary limit is 6.00 dollars, so I was super phsyched to pay a mere 2 bucks!
The linens are gorgeous, and cost me 1 dollar each!The sheer blue childs dress,was 2 dollars ,and I plan to alter the sleeves and create a blouse for moi(its bigger than it looks).
the "pagoda' tchochtske was also 2 bucks ,and how could I resist?
These items were actually purchased from an estate sale. Lately, here in" big D" ,I seem to be having more luck at this venue.


morgana said...

OK... my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!! You must know this... I love reading your blogs... but I don't necessarily enjoy blogging... for myself... so have patience with me sweet friend... If I recall, there was a long period of time before you got connected in cyberspace, and those who loved you patiently waited for you to catch up with the world without getting upset with you. so please don't be upset with me... Your blogs are fantastic and you are very good at it! Creative, artistic and beautiful... just like you! I love you girlfriend! YOu make me proud! ... and I love your hubby and your gorgeous daughters too!!! Big kisses and hugs from Aunt morgana to all!

Jamie said...

Holy Moly... Have you checked your fav site???? I think your gut feeling was right! I gasped when I saw it today!!!! You are pretty intuitive!

Loved having a grown up dinner date with you guys last night! It is always fun to have someone to girl talk with!

Email me if you hear any more about M.


StephenMosher said...

Your blogtography is really good! The last time we spoke on the phone you were a little down on yourself about it..tch! It's lovely!


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