Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Creative Milestone, her 1st day of dance class.

At the Pagoda, the performing arts, possess an honored place.It is not unusual,come 6:00 p.m.,to find my husband at the piano and one of his girls, acting the chanteuse.We all sing, so I'm talkin' crack open the wine ,its happy hour.My littlest flower blossom, has just begun to join in the fun (her favored musical number being, "Shy" from ,Once Upon A Mattress).
Today she adds her name to the list, of the pantheon of little girls, whose 1st day of dance class it is.
I remember ,vividly,the exitement I felt the 2nd week of 2nd grade,as I waited for school to be out. My mother was taking me to the ,Miss Persis School of Dance,for tap and ballet. Among the shuffle ball changes and arebesques learned,this little Texan also learned to say "get" instead of "git", and Miss Persis still has a special place in my heart.
There is another reason this is a special event. My babies grandmother and my dear mother-in-law,was a proffesional dancer,even hoofin' it up on Broadway with Christopher Walken, when he was still just a chorus boy.So you see, this is my babies heritage. As you can see ,my baby was the STAR, or, the one not follwing directions. You choose.


carrster said...

So adorable! What a great thing to have in life. :-)

MaryAnn said...

ACK! I LOVE IT! What a princess:)

StephenMosher said...

Oh my God. I am kvelling over this piece and, especially over the photos. My God daughter? In the spotlight? My God daugher? An attention butterfly? Oh, no....
Not her.

No, she isn't at ALL like her mama.

Not much, she ain't


Jamie said...


She looks so innocent... you would never know that in the pretty little head she is planning to take over that class!

morgana said...

She's a dancing queen! Just like her mommy and Aunt Morgana! WooHoo!

miss vintage love said...

What a DOLL!


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