Saturday, July 08, 2006

Decoupage Spice

In my former life, as a broadcast actress,I once went to an audition,where the casting director ask me which Spice Girl I would be? Yeah it was that long ago. Without hesitation I replied,"Decoupage Spice". The C.D. giggled and ask why. Well my answer remains the same,I'm a singin', dancin', artsy-craftin' ,kinda girl.
My absolute favorite medium is, collage, of the decoupage variety. I still can't throw out a magazine without making sure I have picked it clean of any cool images.I have a rather large clear box in my closet filled with these "magazine fossils".
Yep, I got in there today to work on something special for my littlest flower blossom. For my oldest daughter, I created a special overnight bag from a vintage suitcase, and images from thrifted doll magazines, when she was 4. Well, now my 3 year old wants her own "goin' to grammas" bag. So I got down to the business of decoupaging today. What fun! Oh yeah I was NOT cast in the coffee commercial or whatever it was. Casting Directors !!??


StephenMosher said...


Barb said...

This is so fun. I have an obsession with magazines too. For years I kept folders and folders of old images from Life magazines from the 60's, old theatre programs, etc. I got into a declutter phase last year and threw them all out. Now I'm getting into collage, and I'd about kill to have that stuff back.

One Chic Chick said...

Those are so great~I love the color and depth they have. Beautiful!


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