Sunday, July 02, 2006

Getting the hang of this.

I guess I've been reading blogs for about 2 months and it's such fun,but I was wondering,is there an etiquette for sharing links ?

Do you ask permission,or is it just considered a form of virtual flattery? Not that I'm savy enough to do that yet ,but I will learn.

Recently 2 adorable sites that I truly admire,My house is cuter than yours ,and Petula darling ,coincidentally shared their kitchens. I love cute kitchens. So maybe we should all share our kitchens.So much nurturing for our family comes from this magic place.A place where wishes are brewed. Heres some shots from mine.

A peek inside


StephenMosher said...

I love your kitchen! But then you have always been my favourite interiour decorator. I've been in the kitchen in these photos so many times that I can vouch for the fact that it IS as warm and cozy as it feels in these photos! Decorative AND functional, clever AND comfortable!

I love that you are becoming, so quickly, an internet/blogging expert. Brava.

Regarding your question about etiquette: I have found that if a person has a site, a homepage, a blog or any other presence on the internet, they wish to have it seen. To that end, I think you should always feel free to share the links that you like!


Barb said...

What I do (usually anyway) is to email the person and tell them I posted about them. And always provide a link to their blog or to a particular post. I've never had anyone complain (just the opposite) though some people feel permission is necessary. I really don't think it is. I mean, reading posts about other blogs is sometimes how I find new sites to read. And I think all of us want as much traffic as possible.


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