Friday, July 21, 2006

WIP Friday

Heres a little project for my littlest flower blossom. She begins Preschool in the fall. I can't believe my baby is that old, so ofcourse it's an oppurtunity for a fashion moment!
All the materials are thrifted,with the dress being the most expensive item at about 2 bucks. My poor babe, 90% of her clothes are from the thrift store, which is why I try to spruce em' up.
This project will only take a wee bit of time , but I gotta run. Crooked Halo, is hosting a slumber party for her "Cats " buddies. Tonight I will be serenaded with songs from Rent, Wicked,and from the Barbra Streisand ouvre, good thing I'm a musical theatre nerd.


Psycho Kitten said...

That is a very cute outfit. If or when I have kids, they are also going to be wearing thrift store clothes. I will alter them a little, to give them a new feel.

Yeah, about linking pages or people. I have no idea how it is done. It would be nice to know, then I could add people to my blog and delete them from my favorites.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Oh, I think you should be pround of your 90% rate of buying second hand clothing for your daughter. She is so lucky you buy her items and then fix them up. I haven't quite got to fixing them up but Cerys's wardrobe is definitely on the 90% second hand rate.

StephenMosher said...

You know how much I love your thrifting! There is nothing wrong with dressing your daughters in threads re-tread..if it is good enough for you...right?

It's an art, what you do. It gives the girls a sense of whimsy, a sense of style, a sense of frugality and a sense of history. It also frees up your personal economy to pay for their LIVES, rather than use it up on absurdly expensive clothing that is poorly made, falls apart, makes you sick to your stomach when it gets dirty and looks just like everything else that every little girl wears--all because it has a designer's name on it.

Your girls' clothing has a designer STAMP on it, even if it does not have the designer's name; the stamp and the name are yours...

Gina said...

What a fun evening you will have!


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