Monday, September 11, 2006

More back to school clothes for my little sweetie.

Now that Crooked Halo is old enough to reject my meager offerings of art to her, I must rejoice and revel in the knowledge that I have another captive little body to wear my creations(as she typed, she twisted her imaginary moustache in delight).With school beginning she has a place to wear them, and I can now churn out more little embellished garments out to my hearts content!
Even if the little pinafore is a little short ,it can always be paired with jeans and cowgal boots!
Pieces used : denim jumper,fantastic crocheted doily,embroidered linen used as apron.
This takes but a jiffy.

I simply cannot post today without remembering the events of 5 years ago.I had just arrived at the gym and entered the cardio room. The buzz in the room was that the pilot had somehow made a grave error.Moments later the 2nd plane struck and the talk turned to terror.The days (daze) after were spent by me glued to CNN. I felt it was my responsibility as an American to learn the names and stories of those lost.Somehow I just cannot turn the news on today,but those events are heavy on my heart today. It is a forever changed America.
My husband travels quite a bit and as he prepares to leave tommorrow it is with reluctance and a prayer that I send him off, I'm sure I am not alone with those thoughts.


Jamie said...

What a cutie-pie!

I saw a dress rehearsal tonight... it was amazing... will I see you at the Meyerson tonight?

StephenMosher said...

I would like to comment on a couple of things regarding this entry...

1--I noted that every one of the blogs I read made an entry about 911. I chose not to. I was here and lived through it and writing about it is, simply, not something I can do. I am moved by how many people around the country chose to memorialize that day. What a tribute. I choose to remember the day by living a normal day every year on September 11th. I choose to remember the day by going on--to me, that is the best tribute to the lives lost. I will probably not see the film WORLD TRADE CENTER, even though my beloved Donna Murphy is in it. To me, that would be like a TITANIC survior rushing to the opening of that movie. We lived it. Some of us aren't ready to live it again, even in the name of art. Thank you for your kind remembrances and tribute to those poor souls and to that day. It is a great honour to have you remember it in your unique way; and my Chris always have safe travels. I, myself, still get a little nervous when boarding a plane.

2--I think it is wonderful that you are getting to pour all your creativity with clothing into my Goddaughter. --I should be a better Godfather, by the way, and send birthday cards and Christmas presents. I hereby declare my intent to be better at it. Though, those photos last year at Christmas were pretty good, I must say. Anyway, you and she are a perfect match, currently, for creative outlets. She needs your attention and love as much as you need to shower it upon her. Keep it up.

3--However, I get the feeling, from a couple of things that you have written on your blog, that you might (and this is just armchair psychology so correct me if I am wrong!) be feeling a little hurt of left out because Crooked Halo is "rejecting" your "meager offerings". I beg you, my beloved freind, not to take up this position! Your offerings are not now, nor have they ever been, meager! They have showered her with love and a creative nature in which to grow and blossom, since the day she was born!! And she is not rejecting them or any part of you! You have watered this blossom and pruned it and nurtured it and now it is time for the flower to bloom alone. She is not rejecting any part of you--instead, she is taking your example and attempting her own style, her own voice, her own individuality. And she is at the right age for it, too. She is living her life as her mother's daughter.

And on this one, you know I am right.

LOVE you and all the flowers in your garden.

Uncle Ste

jungle dream pagoda said...

Uncle Stephen ,I could not ask for a better Godfather for my girls (yes you share unofficial custody with Sweeeney)It seems 1 of them mention you everyday in some fashion. My girls are very loyal and Crave the people they love,of which you are definitely one.
I think the pumkin portraits fix you up on the present list for a few years. Nuthin' like an Uncle Stephen original!

StephenMosher said...

I recently snapped a pumpkin portrait into a frame to display in my living room. The negatives and prints had been in a box, waiting to be put away, for awhile (procrastination is a big part of my daily life) and I had wanted to put a photo on display and couldn't find them. When I opened the box and saw them, everything stopped. I went immediately to Bed Bath and Beyond, bought a frame, brought it home, put the photo in and put it on the bookcase in the living room because I was having a party that night and wanted people to see my goddaughter(s) - I am not territorial, I am happy to be offical to one, unofficial to the other, I admire and respect ALL of the godparents in your lives - and their family.

Looks good, too....


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