Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simba and the Gloomy Gladiolas

I really do not decorate much for Halloween,or perhaps a more accurate description would be COMPARED TO X-MAS,I do not decorate much for Halloween.Arranging flowers would also be something I do not do much (as you can see from the twist and turn Glads),but I had this idea back in June. My husband sent me a lovely birthday floral arrangement. Gerbera Daisys in a vase filled with lemons. I generally throw out the vases as soon as they come, but for this particular vase I knew exactly how I would use it in the future.
First I filled it with baby pumpkins and then I chose Gladiolas as my ooky Halloween flower. I made sure to trim the stems and angle that cut to ensure optimum freshness.
I topped the pumpkys of with a big spider and then surrounded the vase with movie monsters(you may click on the image to see Bela). I generally try to be politically correct and represent all the creatures ,but I seem to have misplaced The Wolfman this year....and through the magic of blogtography ,the flowers grow.


StephenMosher said...

FanFREAKINtastic!!! I am SO stealing the baby pumpkin idea from you!!! I don't decorate with flowers much because I am no good at it (also, they just die and I have to throw them out and deal with the dead flower water--the MOST obnoxious smell in the world!). But this is worth the hassle!

LOVE the dolls, especially the one in the Simba outfit..


miss vintage love said...

Oh my, Baby Simba is SOOOOO cute!!

Catrina said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! The "homeroom mama" thing is actually coming along quite nicely. It's so rewarding in many ways.

I love your blog & will be visitng again. I also love the baby pumpkins in the vase & how you arranged it!

Rebecca said...

I lvoe that idea! I've been seeing fruit in flower arrangements a lot lately, even carrots! (weird, I know) I may have to steal your idea too. And what a cute Simba!!

Gina said...

Aww, how cute!


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