Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Merry Update!(with less than inspiring blogtography).

I'm sure its something I did. I ask my husband to show me how to remove the flash,and um,he did it so fast I can't figure out how to put it back on! Sometimes it is no fun struggling with technology. I am such a visual person that a post just isn't a post without imagery(even bad imagery)thus I bring you my merry update.Heres a peek at the package I sent off to the talented illustrator, Anastasia of Anastasias Drawing and Dreaming ,for our vintage Christmas swap! Don't look to close Anastasia!
In other blogpanion news, look at what my thoughtful freinds have sent me. The bunny hankies were waiting for me when I returned from Chicago,Mary Ann of A very Mary Design ,knows my weakness for embroidered textiles and very sweetly sent them my way for a future little girl dress!Waiting for me in the mailbox this very afternoon,the adorable Rebecca,ofThrifty Goodness ,knows my weakness for vintage Christmas and sent this adorable sliegh and glittery Santa (she also sent a lovely little ring that she created herself and claimed by Crooked Halo immediately!).Do you see the little Pagoda patches?Design genius Janelle of Tchotchke Attack sent those lovelies yesterday! Theres probably over 100 of them ,she suggested I use them as a tag in my little girls dresses and I think that is a DIVINE idea! Sweet friends ,thank you so much!

My littlest flower had a little dance demonstration yesterday and I thought I would leave you with a couple of pics of little Miss Pizazz! you may click to enlarge and check out her technique,I promise no more bad blogtography!


Rebecca said...

Oh how I loved tap and ballet as a little girl! :) My Dad said I looked like I was stompin' grapes but I had fun so who cares! :)

Glad you liked the package, I knew you would love the little sleigh and santa! And glad Crooked Halo liked the ring! :)

Oh and in your swap picture, are those Vera pointsettia napkins?? I think they match a tablecloth I just sent to Heidi! :)

Jenn said...

Just to add to anonoymous (because the guy working security at the Reagan Library had to teach me) when you hit that flash button and see it circled it is off.

You scored with the swap stuff!

VictoriaE said...

Love that bunny hanky.

Coleen said...

Adorable stuff! Where do you find them?

AnastasiaC said...

Ohhh cant wait for my parcel - everything looks wonderful!
Look at your little girl, she is adorable!

Timothy Hogan said...

And soon you children will be compeled to dance to the hits of the eightys wih guy whose nmoved on socially, politically ad with hair car products bu still loves his Duran Duran (it's the double entendree with BARBARELLA).


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