Friday, December 29, 2006

Vintage Christmas Swap,from Anastasia

Thats right Christmas is still booming at the Pagoda!Just take a look at the goodies I recieved in The Vintage Christmas Swap(sponsored by Vintage Swaps) from Anastasia,of Anastasias Drawing and Dreaming.Beautiful and bright Pagoda lanterns,a Cath Kidston style notebook,A large plastic reindeer (that I am mad for,his little head turns!),a gorgeous tablecloth in the yummiest shades of chartreuse,pink,yellow and gold,and ...
probably my favorite little bauble,this darling sailor girl from the 50's!
She included a beautiful vintage card.
These tiny little plastic bits and bobs are right up my alley!Note:The hub gave me a new camera,and I think my blogtography just might get better!
More tiny plastic yummies.
Flocked santas(love these guys).
Little rhinestone holiday brooches,perfect to add to my collection.
This oh-so-sweet plastic(I love plastic)lavender jewelry box that many of my goodies came in.
She even included these goodies for the girls. The Littlest Flower Blossom ,loves the Eloise paper doll playset,while the Hello Kitty stickers are cool enough to get on Crooked Halos radar!Thankyou Anastasia,for taking the time to be so thoughtful,and sending these goodies all the way from Australia!So fun to make a new friend from another part of the world!


Jane said...

Score!!! Nuf said!

jenny holiday said...

So many fun fun bits!! Such a fabulous grouping!!

Lucky gal!!

Happy Holidays!!
xoxo Jenny

ps. Thank you so so much for all of your sweet sweet comments!! Truly means so much! :)

Timothy Hogan said...

Oh sweet Pagoda!
This Christmas you made a haul.
Ever may it be.

I'm not sure if that's a Haiku or just Yoda speak but:
Happiness May The New Year Bring!

AnastasiaC said...

So happy you liked everything!!!
It was fun swapping with you, have a wonderful year ahead sweet!!

miss vintage love said...

Wow, nice work!!

Such cute stuff!

Oh, and you're daughter is a doll!

Peta said...

You got great stuff! I love that tablecloth!

Shopaholic D said...

aren't you lucky? what a great swap!

i agree w/ Peta - that tablecloth is awesome!

:) D

VictoriaE said...

Nice nice stuff, and from Australia too. I that tablecloth. It wears well.

VictoriaE said...

I mean, I have that tablecloth.
And I agree, your dughter is very very cute.

Lucy said...

Great goodies!! How nice to include your lil ones too!

Happy Holidays!

S. said...

Ohh, GREAT stuff! Sorry I didn't make it to your NYE party with the other dolls but, celebs are so over rated.

I know you will continue to make me envious in 2007!


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