Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weekend Update,Pagoda style!

Our Hancock Fabrics is going out of business and having a big sale. I grabbed these spectacular prints for future projects at 40 % off!
It is from their own vintage inspired line called "kids at play".
If you click to enlarge(any image)you will see these little sailor babies are actually angels.
I plan on using the top red print for a short dress for Crooked Halo out of this vintage Butterick pattern.
She already has one dress created for her out of this line of fabric. The little children on her dress are having a dress-up teaparty. She finds a grownup irony in sporting this print. I love how she has styled it here with pearls,pink fishnets and yellow docs!
My "Oldest Delight" is quite a storyteller and never has a problem coming home and sharing minute details of her day(please ,dear creator, never let this change!).Just this week,she came home with a riveting tale of Edgar Allen Poe's life story.What amazing fodder his real life was for his writing.
The 4 closest females in his life all met a consumptive doom.Shortly after his father died (after first leaving his family),his beautiful mother was hired by an Ohio theatre to play Juliet,she died before his very eyes in the theatre,never setting foot on the stage. The final female lost to this beautifully gory and romantic desease was his last wife,a 1st cousin ,and only 15 years old.For her he wrote the beautiful poem :Annabelle Lee. My own child ask me if I knew of this poem. "Why ,yes ,was my answer",and I can play you Marrianne Faithfuls version,of it from my Halloween CD mix from Amanda,the next time we're in the car (phew, thanx Amanda!)!I am sharing this anecdote of my little story teller to demonstrate the kismet that takes place in my life. A couple of days later,we recieve a phone call from a well respected local director. My daughter has been recommended to read for a new play called "Sidhe" or she. It is about 3 female generations of Irish storytellers in contemporary America,and the how the grandmother may or may not be Queen of the Fairie.
...and naturally her mother has already played that very role.
It is I ,Titania ,in the flowing diaphanous yellow,with Downtown Dallas as my kingdom.For the audition she must tell a story,wish my baby luck!

In other Fairy child news,I was able to spy on my littlest changeling in dance class. Here she is in motion.
*********************SHU- ***********************************
**********************FFLE ...******************************
**********************STEP !******************************

In news of our pursuit to continue to appeal to my husbands aesthetic AS WELL as my own,we have new dining room chairs!You might remember the old ones, I loved the different colors ,but the Hub had dubbed them "too country" for sometime. I am CRAZY for the neutral replacements,a simple and sleek honey caramel colored leather from Danish Inspirations,bought for a song at their own "closing this store" sale!

Lastly,if you ever wonder how I fuel my busy, darling ,child filled days and hippie-haven ,song filled nights. Heres my secret weapon:
A Choklit' Peaunut Butter Yogurt Shake otherwise known as JDP'S Dinner !!!
The recipe:(less than 350 calories)
A cup of skim milk
A cup of plain yogurt
A heaping tablespoon of Peanut butter
A heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder
2 Splenda packets(don't forget those)
Lots of Ice cubes
Combine ,blend and INDULGE!!!!!
Have a lovely week,I hope to be posting more regular soon!


Jennifer said...

Life must be so fun at your house!

Heidi said...

Those fabrics are wonderful! So cute. And your girls--what fun! That play sounds neat, so luck to Miss R. And I'll have to try that shake--I adore chocolate & pb!

Peta said...

Your little one looks like she is trying to kick her teacher!

eb said...

your babes are most precocious - I must tell you that Boone was King Tryton in a production of The Little Mermaid - I have yet to post the pix in part because I can't post the lovely mermaids (other people's kids)- alas - he was most patriarchal - that recipe I reconfigure into a sandwich - along with some cinnamon - best

xox - eb.

oh - love the paper doll fabric - make me a skirt????????? xoxoxoxoxo

AnastasiaC said...

beautiful fabric pieces - lucky you!!! and there are those lantern sleeves again - looks like the desigers search the vintage archives to get the new and latest looks!! your girls are wonderful and so are you their talented mother!
I love your new chairs -would love to see more pics of your gorgeous home!!

Amanda Button said...

Fabulous fabrics i have a piece of the paper doll print that i am hoarding for who-knows- what! You lovely darling will look stunning in a vintage-y dress made of the red! And how wonderful that she's discovered Poe! She's off to a great start!
Sidhe sounds MARVELOUS!!! sending all my lucky finger-crossing and good mojo for that!!! :)

Jane said...

Good times at the Pagoda! Fun post with lots of fun things to look at! Good luck Crooked Halo!

stilettoheights said...

I love reading your blog and the thought of your girl coming home and telling you about Poe....of that is too darling for words.

I can so see you as a first professional casting in a play was Peaceblossom, but then the show was canceled and the theater went out of business, it was heartbreaking...

though now I am in a Shakespeare mood, I think I eill busy myself with singing Desdemona's song of Willow for the rest of the day as I paint.


Anonymous said...

Those fabrics are adorable, I would totally wear summer skirts made from those.

I am hoping to support the theatre arts by catching a show this weekend, I have really wanted to see The Apple Tree and I think this is the last weekend.

Dee Light said...

OOO La La, I love the fabric!!! Your girls are real cuties. Aren't girls fun!!

Vanessa said...

I adore these long posts full of pics!!!You made gorgeous babies!!!!Stylish and smart too!!! OH MY!!!Youdrink that? It is actually good??? Hmmmmmm, I will wait for you to make me one in the flesh. ps: I do not know how you can say your baby thought my place was your place because yours is nice and clean and sophisticated!! Mine is hideous and looks like an overgrown nutcake who thinks she is a raspberry queen lives here! Ooooohhhhh, seems your girl is headed in your footsteps? xxo, vanessa

S. said...

Love it! What do I love? Everything...especially that first fabric and the dress pattern(I want one!) and the seridipity of your story telling daughter's entree into theatre and those dolls!

Oh quick, make me a peanut butter shake!

Heidi said...

Love the new chairs, but also the one that looks like it's made out of a wash tub!? Cute fabrics. And the shake sounds delish. Must try.

dusk&summer said...

that smoothie sounds delish!

Bitterbetty said...


Hey thanks for stopping by.. you must join the New Vintage Wardrobe group on Flicker and post CH's new dress!!

We need to have her shining face on there!

casapinka said...

Great post! Love the Downtown Dallas comment. The paper doll fabric is my favorite - NOTHING like a good bargain, is there? I certainly feel your pain with trying to coordinate decorating styles. What IS it with men? Anyway, the chairs look great and the room, inc. your table and wood floors is beautiful. Your kiddos look just like you! Sometimes i wonder if I'm the mother of my kids, so much like their daddy they appear.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! Will ya get a load of those fabrics! Lovely choices, dah-link!

cindy said...

cute fabric! my hancock's doesn't have those! i'm jealous! ;]

KSV said...

I love the fabric with the paperdoll cut out print. Very wonderful!! I like to think I was as stylish as your little one with her yellow docs, very hip. I love your silver dining room chairs, they look very comfortable!!

mosaic queen said...

So much talent in one family!!!
I think that oldest daughter of yours could start her very own fashion mag! Too Cute!!!

Timothy Hogan said...

"Ill met by moonlight, Proud Titania!" -Shakespeare, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM

I know it's only 350 calories, but I gained 10 pounds just reading the ingredients! Our Hancock Fabrics went out of business a decade ago and I still have bolts of fabric in the closet I haven't used.

How busy the little ones are! I remember that kind of energy and am sending good audition vibes your way!

Petula Darling said...

Your girls are always so adorable and fashion-forward!
I was relieved to find out that the kismet taking place in your life was NOT the announcement that Crooked Halo was marrying her first cousin.

Anonymous said...

So, You like the chairs?!? What a ShOckER! I think you forgot to mention how you fought and kicked over those new chairs, griping all the way! You made me work a secret weasel-sneaky deal with the salesguy, so we could bring them back, even though they were going out of business, so who would be there to take them? Luckily, we made it past the point of no return! Upgrade, definitely! -the Hub.

cruststation said...

I see a paper doll clothing fabric
*swoon*, this would be perfect for the project I'm running over at my blog :) Your daughters are pretty as always, how cute of the little one at dance class :) Loving your metal chair!


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