Saturday, March 24, 2007

What I did on Spring Break !!!

Dig it Pagoda peeps I'm posting 2 posts really close together . Could it be I am getting back on a more reasonable schedule? Okay,so my re-cap is a week late,but we still had quite a Spring Break !
----------------------Easy Bake Oven Time-----------------------------Starting with our Easybake oven adventure,my little blossom even donned a vintage apron and dress (yes, all the girls in the house ADORE vintage!).
Big sissy could not resist joining in on the fun!
It's all done!!!
Time to ice and eat(such little hands)!

-------The Little Blossom trys her hand at blogtography-----------
Honestly I am not sure how she got a her hands on the camera long enough for this shoot,but here are some of the results before mommy so cruelly put her career in photography on hold!
A rather nicely framed shot of big sissies painting by Auntie Durelle.
A snap of Ming-Ming.
The ubiquitous ghostly ECU self-portrait.
...and this is the one that baffles me.How DID she get this "Radiant Baby" shot?

-----Grey Gardens,double feature, inspires the Pagoda inhabitants----
I am not sure if you have heard of Little Edie Beale,but she and her mother,Big Edie(cousin and aunt to Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis) are the subject of an extraordinary documentary ,"Grey Gardens".Little Edie was once engaged to a Kennedy herself ,and how oh how did she get from that engagement to the bizarre and wonderful person you meet in the documentary? Almost immediately my husband began to tease my oldest baby and I ,of how if something ever happened to him ,THAT was our future we were viewing (you see there is much,singing,dancing,and UNUSUAL takes on fashion to be had).We finished up with a bootleg DVD viewing of the off broadway musical(it is now on Broadway),supplied by someone wonderful in our life,ssshhhh,don't tell! Little Edie is a role that is surely in my future(onstage that is!).
Ofcourse my angel with the crooked halo,immmediately ran into her room and came out looking like this.The next thing out of her mouth was,"Mom,I want to be Little Edie for Halloween". If you remember this post you'll know Im not joking about this!

------------------------------- Hair closes ----------------------------------------
When a show closes in the theatre it is a special event. A live performance is so fleeting,no matter the times you will perform a show it is NEVER the same show twice!The set is struck,the costumes are perhaps catalogued for a future event,the lights are re-arranged for the next show.The actors go on to different projects.The show is gone. It remains ONLY in the audience and actors memory.The themes in Hair are undeniably current.I leave "the age of aquarius" on the 4 year anniversary of the war,after participating in an onstage anti-war protest. Interesting.
I cannot deny that its de ja vu themes have affected me deeply.From the song "Air", "I look rather attractive,now that I'm radio active....the air the air is everywhere".


Vanessa said...

Oh my wondrous love!!! I was going to bed and then decided, I have to pay her a visit! Do you think that I am psychic? That perhaps I knew you had posted????

Your girls are outrageously stunning! Just like their mommy. All your spring break fun is wonderful. Perhaps a photographer in the family??? Are those easy bake oven desserts any good? I am imagining space food? Does it really heat up???

Oh, you look so wonderful on stage!!!! XXooxxOO,Vanessa

Jane said...

Fun stuff in the Pagoda! I love to dress up as little Edie and begged dh to go into West Hollywood on Halloween with me! He told me nobody would know who she was! We ended up having other plans, but one day I will be Little Edie for Halloween! I am with you Crooked Halo!

Dee Light said...

What lovely girls!!! Isn't Spring Break fun, and easy bake ovens are the best! It looks like you all had a lot of fun.

Peta said...

Wish I had one of those easy bake ovens. Much more fun than boring grown up ones!

Karen Beth said...

How fun! I've heard about Little Edie recently and think now that I need to see that documentary. Fun, fun!

I love that your girls love vintage. What a wonderful legacy!

Happy Spring Break!


KB :)

Bitterbetty said...

sounds like quite the break..
You have to love the thrifted easy bake oven.. I never got one myself. My cousin Cheryl had one. Jealousy at age 4.

Sarah and Jack said...

That photo of the girls together is so sweet.

stilettoheights said...

your post about the fleeting essence of live theater made me miss the stage, more than I have for quite some time.

now I am feeling dreamy and nostalgic, which is my favorite way to feel.

love also that you talked about big and little edie...what a wonderfully odd pair they were.

Heidi said...

Your girls are just dolls! Love that little vintage dress & apron.

We could have seen Grey Gardens with Christine Ebersole as we were in NYC right when it opened last fall. Went to see Hairspray instead...that was a mistake!

S. said...

Easy Bake is simultaneously mmmm and ewww.

I'm dying to see Grey Gardens! Don't know where to find it though.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely spring break you had...little sweethearts and yummy treats.

Congrats on your stage production, I remember those after the final production fun!

Anonymous said...

How fun was that EBO!! I love the little dress she's wearing too! Yes, they're both quite lovely!!

cruststation said...

I love your photos, your girls are gorgeous and in vintage too! They have their mum's taste :) Oh I imagine your children have so much fun dressing up everyday (it must be fun living in your household).

Mary Jane said...

Those dresses!

Anonymous said...

I am still dressing up in my revolutionary costume of the day on the weekends and prancing around. Little Edie Beale is just too much fun!

Your daughters are gorgeous and this post made me miss my easybake oven.

What's next on the stage for you?

Vallen said...

All kinds of fun to be had over thar. Did you guys make easy bake cupcakes yet? Those were always our favorite

amanda button said...

the most delightful spring break i have ever heard of!!!! the girls are so lovely...just like their magical mama! :)

mosaic queen said...

Glad to see there were no injuries associated with the EBO.
Your girls are absolutely Adorable!!!! Oh, and that goes for you too!!! :-)

gilfling said...

Oh what a wonderful post!! Your life is so full and your girls are just beautiful! What a busy time you have had.

The stage looks incredible and such fun. It must be sad when it ends for a while.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog - it made me smile like a bright eyed fool early this morning!!

Petula Darling said...

I just saw Grey Gardens for the first time last fall- what a trip! By the end of the evening I was sporting a brooch-bound sweater wrapped around my head. I quickly realized it was a good thing I have a job that forces me out of the house, otherwise Grey Gardens could be my fate. I'll come join you guys if we all fall on hard times!

I thought of you last weekend when I remembered the show was closing. It's weird how theater experiences are so intense for many weeks, then *poof* they're gone.

Gina said...

What beautiful photos! Looks like a fun time.

AnastasiaC said...

oh your girls are too beautiful and yes yes a love for vintage is such a good trait to have!!!
ohhh are you sad 'Hair' is over?? bet you were amazing!!! great pics!!
that doco sounds anyone with unique fashion favourite past time is people watching....

eb said...

wowsa jdp - whata post!

I so loved your thoughtful comment re:peace

all the jdp girls are gorgeous - what's cookin' now?

xox - wb.

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Cough cough.

I demand a new post.


My Marrakech said...

Oh your blossom! Delicious in every way. Might I please have a nibble on her elbow?


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