Friday, April 06, 2007

A MassiveThriftventure,an Eagle Scout, a Green Girl ,and Other Goodies !

Will the busy bee-dom ever stop?Will the laundry beast continue to grow until it devours the Pagoda inhabitants? Will our heroine ever return to her impeccable gym habits (hey,I made it twice this week!)? Is this the longest post ever? Welcome to this installment of "Life at the Pagoda"! First I would like to wish everyone who celebrates, a happy Easter Holiday.Now lets get down to the good stuff,yummy thrifted booty!Hows this for an Easter centerpiece,for under 3 dollars?!?
This past week we all went to Houston to honor someone special,and how 'bout that we had some time to thrift! My big sis calls Pasadena the "thrift capital of Texas",and she just might be right.This little beaded basket was just 1.61,the doily 90 cents,the bunny vessel? Twenty cents and not a chip on it!

These linens were all under 2.00 each,one day soon I will resume making my little girl frocks and these will be perfect!The little sewing notion bird was a dollar(yay!! for half off pink tags!)A wooden bench for .99(a dolly story prop,perhaps?).This little monk sez'"put your choppers here",Crooked Halo,immediately grabbed it for a jewelry box ,2.99.I couldn't resist this funny vintage shot glass at .29 cents,could you?

A make-up kit,the activity gift that keeps on giving!
Big sissy proved to be quite the makeup artist/babysitter!Heres little sister 1st as a tiger...
...and the next day as a doggie complete with fun fake hair for ears!!!

Heres the night wear collection,that will ofcourse see the light of day on me! An ecru nightie for 3 bucks,that I will cut off and wear as a camisole. A peach peignoir that I shall also cut off and give my bedjacket styling , for 65 cents. This old vintage lace pajama top is the absolute perfect powder blue,and only 80 cents. I will wear it with my overalls and pearls!!!Rounding out the apparel and accesories section,a gold LEATHER clutch for 2.59 and a black fabric evening bag for 3 dollars,weeeee!

In the decorating department,I found 2 amazing pagoda pillow cases for 3 dollars for the set(even the hubs loved these!). A dresser scarf for 2.50 with hand tatted lace. 2 cunning little valances for 1.50,and my fave purchase of all 2 beautiful,perfect ecru lace curtain panels,for 6 bux! These panels will be used in an upcoming decorating project that I will be taking you through step by step(when I finish posting today there are muy paint chips to go through!).

This last batch is my crazy oddities and enchantments that ,well, a thriftventure just wouldn't be as fun if I stopped finding these kind of treasures(you may click to enlarge any image)!!! I found a darling little wooden truck for the Little Blossom,for 2 dollars, 2 Hebrew dollys for 1 dollar,and,tell me what domestic diva could possibly resist these jeweled ice tongs for 2 dollars?!?

----------My Nephew becomes an Eagle Scout !------------------So what were we doing perusing multiple thriftstores in Houston? We were there to celebrate my wonderfully kind AND hip nephew becoming an Eagle Scout!It was a truly special event.My Father had 2 girls,but being the expert outdoorsman that he was ,he became a Scout Master,which made it even more special. All my 3 nephews are incredibly UNIQUE and SPECIAL and they all went into Boy Scouts, but only Blake made it all the way to Eagle!!!My sister is a single mom,and I am in awe at the 3 young men she has turned out.
Congratulations Blake!

Among the reasons for my seeming dissapearing act this week was a visit from my dearest male freind ! Just look at what he brought me! An original illustration of a costume for the film "Something for Everyone" starring Angela Lansbury andMichael York. ...and directed (evidently, notoriously bad) by Hal Prince.I am crazy for the way cool mod bride with cut-outs on her "gown".I hear the 'stumes are smashingly mod!!!!i have already had it framed and hung(thank you dear Hubs!).

My luck for bountious booty doesn't stop there. Get a load of this lovely felted wool bag from Heidi ,of Spiritual knitter fame. She was celebrating her 100th post,be sure to stop by and congratulate her!Thank you Heidi!

If you have made it this far in what could possibly be my LONGEST post ever! I shall end my "goings on at the Pagoda" post with stuff that's making me happy! I am finally getting around to reading Mr Maguires' sequel to "Wicked" ,"Son of a Witch"! ..and just in time for engaging in Oz land mythology,this sweet little Elphaba doll appears as a Happymeal extra from Madame Alexander(not to worry,I don't eat that stuff,but the little one does,oops!)! Have a delightfully blessed holiday!!


Karen Beth said...

Pagoda pillowcases... how appropriate. :)

Nice loot. I always love it when you share your finds here!

miss vintage love said...

Thats the cutest little witch!
Aww, and your girls are dolls as usual!

Feathers said...

My oh my, you really have been busy! Great bunch of treasures you found - what luck to find the pagoda pillowcases, they are really beautiful! Got a giggle from the "chopper hopper" - we saw one at a thrift store once, and hubby busted a gut laughing when he figured out what it was for :)

That illustration is really beautiful, how thoughtful that was of your friend to give it to you. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Peta said...

What a bargain that bunny vessel is! Love the hankie with the puppy and bird and is that jar for false teeth?!
Such glamorous tongs and love the little wooden houses and trees. Fab for centerpieces!
Love that picture you got. I love Michael York and I loved Logan's Run!
I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter.
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog, I really appreciate them :)

tatjana said...

I am loving your new skivvies!! Especially the blue lace, it's the perfect dress up or dress down piece. And I almost cannot bear the handbags, between the gold leather and the poodle bag from your last post, I may have to seriously consider a hijacking of your collection ;)

And that is wonderful about your sister and her sons. Yay for single moms!!

Sarah and Jack said...

You would not believe how many McDonalds I had to visit to get my hands on one of those little witches for my Halloween cabinet!

Heidi said...

My mom and I are working together on the Happy Meal dolls, and I'm only missing the lion and tin man now. I love both Madame Alexanders and the Wizard of Oz as well.

Great goodies! I can't wait to see what you do with the vintage lingerie. I was inspired by you and bought a pink bed jacket but now I'm too chicken to wear it!

Oh, and I'm married to an Eagle Scout so I have soft spot for them. Congratulations to your nephew!

Vanessa said...

What treasures! You always thrift the greatest stuff! And, pearls and overlls and vintage beadcoats? Oh My! FAB!!!! Congrats to your nephew!!!! Wooo! And love that the older baby seems to have quite the skills. Lucky for her, younger baby allows such make-up-estry. as my litttle sis used to hide and run and beat me if I wanted to make her over.. So I ended up having to pay her with real American hard cash.. no pesos for that little noggin. Fun! one day you have to take me on these thrifting adventures....okay??XXo, Vanessa
ps:Happy Easter!!! I am so terribly sick, so I will be spending mine in bed... Hugs!!

AnastasiaC said...

so many cool things - I must admit I cringe with jelousy at the prices...anything vintage is quite expensive over here.
Love the sheer nighties...such pretty fabric! how wonderful of your nephew - congrats and even bigger congrats to your sister!! I salute single mums!!!
That illustration is so elegant..what a FAB gift - has Stephan taken a photo of you & the girls?

Heidi said...

Wow, what a great haul. And you're welcome for the purse. Enjoy!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Hey girl! Email me your address... I have a little something that I do believe should belong to you!!!

Happy Easter too,
the slightly cracked egg.

Petula Darling said...

What a great haul! I'm quite envious.
Our serious thrifting season won't begin until June, so I'm glad I can live vicariously through you.

stilettoheights said...

that illustration is to die for, just to die for...and I can just picture you in your fantastic vintage "nightie" top and overalls, very fun.

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

I am completely in love with your original fashion illustration. If I received that I would have cried, jumped around for hours, and probably then died.

As always, love seeing your thriftventures although my stomach tightens up with ridiculous amounts of jealousy when you post the prices you pay. Damn Manhattan thrift stores...

Vallen said...

Okay, you win!! Nobody thrifts like that without drawing applause and admiration!! Well done, luv.

S. said...

I imagine you to be the sweetest most funnest mom ever.

Gina said...

Wow, what amazing stuff, and faces and fulfilling post, thank you for sharing!

Jane said...

Awesome thrifty scouting Eagle celebrating adventure!

Timothy Hogan said...

My kitty, Stinkerella Louise Fifi Hogan would LOVE to play with those doggies!

I have pictures of Saturn, New from the Cassini probe and a link to JPL.

GO Look!

Timothy Hogan said...

Time to lose my GLAMOUR SHOT. I'm 42, balding and Husky and I love me!

gilfling said...

Oh my goodness you are just the genius thrift shopper - an expert!!! unfortunately thrift shopping in the UK has gradually become almost as expensive as ordinary shopping as it is becomng so popular. But what bargains and beauties you have!!

Bitterbetty said...

What a huge bunch of goodie goodness. Both the thrift and the gifts!

And an Eagle scout.. That is a remerkable achievement.


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