Monday, May 14, 2007

Kickin' it Pagoda Pace !!!...and the Winners are...

...and just what does "Kickin' it Pagoda Pace " mean?Hmmm,I think its filling your schedule up one side and down the other until your baby decides its fun to "ski" on hills of laundry,and yet you are still able to burst with happiness full of Mothers day pride!!!

Crooked Halo opened in "Oklahoma" this week,and I believe I could recieve no better present than to see my babies onstage.She is seen here on opening night wearing one of mommy's old vintage frocks from my "hacked off vintage Hawaiian mmuummuu" phase!
Here she is in action,rehearsing "the dream ballet".
...and here she is actually performing the number in a "bootleg" cell phone photo.
My Littlest Blossom,gave me the bonus plan ,with a sneak preview in costume for her recital this weekend!They both have recital on Saturday morning, and the big one has another weekend of "Oklahoma".

Here is my mothers day present from my little petal,made in her very sweet pre-school.
In honor of Mothers Day,I would like to debut a new series,that I would like to call:
"I play with make-up!"
"I set up dollie dioramas and take pictures of them ,just like mommy" !

My sweet Hubs,gave me some free time to meet up with my dear freind Timothy of Epistle of Timothy who was in town to say hello to his new niece(shown here with an equally dear freind).

Timothy's mother day present to me was a collection of CD's including the entire canon of the Edith Piaf like French new wave band, Rita Mitsouko. Please step in your time machine and join me in a bloggy dance break to Marcia Baila. Now,onto Pagoda prize winners !!!!!!
I was full of indecision ,for my sweet Haiku writers,so I chose 3 winners!!!!
These goodies will be among the specially selected packages for my sweet blogpanions!
I know I'm overly sentimental,but these brought tears to my eyes starting with
Oh,the Jungle Dream
was finally realized,
and vintage still lives!
Heres Hiedis,
The Dream continues
an online Pagoda
the Jungle is wild!
...and last but not least heres Janes
Crooked Halo Shines
Little Blossom holds her own
Retro goodness rules !
Thank you girls so much,could you e-mail me your snail addys ?
So ofcourse I had to draw 3 names too,only fair right?
My sweet Blossom helped me.
Here are the other girls I will be putting some goodies together for.
You can find my e-mail on my profile page,and it would be very kind of you to send me your snail addys too!
Please know I adore you all,and thank you ever-so for celebrating the technological hurdles I have overcome.


Elizabeth said...

ah... gee whiz jungle dream - what a day what a day - you are so so so special and even more than special - you are dear, kind and enormously blessed with all goodness, creativity and inimitable Beauty - and 2 awfully just like mom girls - doesn't get any better that that -

xox - eb.

Elizabeth said...

just chez your profile... the cocteau twins aka angel music are responsible for me and my hubs as in the M word and of course the resultant Boonster...

is so interesting - isn't it?

xox - eb.

stilettoheights said...

tell your little ones to break a leg for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, congrats to your little performers and happy belated mothers day. I will say this probably a million times - your family is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

I won!!? Wow - thank you!! And, I'd like to thank Tim Curry as well.

Rebecca said...

Lucky me! Lucky me! Thank you so so much. I sent you the snail mail addy already. Thank you :)

Your girls looks so cute and what a wonderful Mothers Day for a wonderful Mom. :)

Heidi said...

Your girls are such sweeties! Best of luck to them both on the big performances this weekend! Do you think your Little Blossom will take up theater too?

alexgirl said...

Aw, what little cuties!! Hope the performance goes well. You MUST blog about it with results and pics.

And you would make the BEST Vanna White-esque game show sidekick. I loved that show w/ Jenny McCarthey. What was it called? Singled Out, i think?

Angelina said...

Your girls are so cute! And both of them performers like their mom!

But I have to ask, how is your eldest wearing a dress of yours and fitting it perfectly? How could you be the same size?!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Heidi,I think my little blossom,jusyt mightbe a performer,she sure likes to sing,but ya never know!
Angelina,the dress is a wee bit big on my oldest babe,and believe me it hasn't fit me since I had her!

Vanessa V said...

I can never say enough how gorgeous you all are!!!!! A trio of shining stars!!! xxo,V

mosaic queen said...

Dang!! Not a winner!! Oh well, it was great fun anyway!!!
Love the new photos!! Those girls of yours ROCK!!!

miss vintage love said...

Thats the most adorable little ballet costume!!

AnastasiaC said...

oh your girls are just gorgeous...following their talented mummys footsteps!!
my youngest is really into my makeup Ughh! it drives me crazy!

amanda button said...

pretty pretty girls, just like mama!!!

Do you have the Ultra-Lounge CD collection? If not, boy do i have a treat for you! MONDO EXOTICA, baby! Hahahaha!!!

Peta said...

Waaaah! I didn't win! Your petals look divine as always LG :) Break a leg to them both!

Timothy Hogan said...

You absolutely kill me, my Lisa Girly Girl! All lace and frills and sugar and whatever makes little girls but tough as nails and one of my favorite friends and actors.

What an over-full life! My cat, Stinky, loves landry piles but prefers the clean basket of socks and undies.

I loved our "late lunch" date with BJ and can't stop dancing to Les Rita M.

Kisses all the time, Timothy

Timothy Hogan said...

...and P.S. you should be so proud of your darling little ones. I have a 17 year old nephew with a Mowhawk or Cherokee Strip that his mother hates. He has typical "tenage inertia" and seems only capable of aggravating the adults around him with attempts to shock, most of them hair related - not sure what that means. I told my brother and his wife that "hair-don'ts" are better than GRANDCHILDREN from teens.

I am childless, yet wise to the ways of parenting. Must be a past straight-life.

Vanessa said...

I love this new look! You have to keep it!!! xxxooo


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