Friday, November 02, 2007

Somthing New...Introducing....Fashion Fridays !

I know what your thinking..."but isn't it always Fashion Friday at the Pagoda?","Shouldn't she just re-name the joint "Fashion Forever"?".Well,I guess thats fair. It does seem clothes....,fashion....,designers,Foreign Vogue magazines,et al,are indeed on my mind quite a bit.Why even when I am at the gym ,dressed in the most tattered of garments,I am STILL consuming every detail of the glossy magazines. Yes, its like I am in some kind of a crazed fashion coma.
The action is so primal. There I am hovering above the whir of the stair master,reading an Elle magazine,not even feeling the pain for the gain.Its almost like when Tara was killed in Buffy the Vampire Slayers season 6,eppy "Villains". The grieving Willow the witch, levitates into The Magick Shop and kinetically draws the ancient and evil tomes to her hands,and then absorbing and cataloging the secret dark spells, so that the words are literally being absorbed into her very skin.
Now ,I'm not saying fashion is evil (Karl Lagerfelds arrogance aside),I am merely saying,when I return home from the gym,I am reverberating with wicked cool editorial styling thoughts and the names of new exciting designers are buzzing in my head.
Speaking of wicked cool.... here are my little budding fashionistas as they looked before trick or treating,Little Vampira and Gothedy Anne Dollie.Its interesting the big one still wants to create a character and "build" the stume from scratch,but my widdle petal wants to buy a store bought one. Interesting huh?
I still get to do both girls make-up.
So ...what is Fashion Friday? Its the creation of Bethany of Bitter Betty fame(visit her later this afternoon for her post). Today is the inaugural posting and I certainly hope everyone will join in. It could be fun,there are no rules,except it must be fashion related. That means the bloggy world is your oyster for this topic. That recently thrifted pencil skirt,a new designer you discovered,even a pair of Balenciaga shoes you are obsessed with,but would NEVER buy.Its all good.Oh,by the by just in case you ever wondered if I actually wear any of "the floor collection" from MOVCFM ,the top photo is me in my Witch next door look.
This week is a bit of a fashion query. I have an upcoming event that I must don something extra special for.I bought this truly spectacular antique blue satin ball gown from the 50's last Sunday at my fav-o-rite ,go-to vintage establishment,Ahab Bowen.It is quite wonderful as is.However ,run of the mill spectacular is just not good enough for me. I am planning a bit of surgery on it. Do you see how the lace appliqués at the bottom taper a bit?
Well,I am planning the surgery to follow the trace of the appliqués and create a new hemline that tapers as sort of a train in back.Do you follow? Shorter in front and longer in back.
Heres where you come in. Thoughts on hair ,make-up and accessories. I am open to suggestions. I have an idea of how I want to go on this,but I would welcome your thoughts. Please forgive me if ,in the end I ignore all your suggestions and march to the beat of my own drummer after all,but I do know you are all artists in your own arena and that is quite valuable to me. There will be after photos soon,I promise.

Oh,and one more fashiony thought... Project Runway starts in 12 days,set your Tivo!


Sarah and Jack said...

Hmmm, I think hair up to show off that lovely neck.

I have to say, the second picture on this post is seriously freaking me out, and I am not easily freaked out. LOL I can hardly concentrate on the rest of the post!

ambika said...

That neckline is begging for a cool, chunky necklace. Or, if you do your hair up, giant, chandelier earrings.

And your hair is pretty much gorgeousness no matter what you do with it. I'd be inclined to do the half-up, half-down thing because I'm so fickle.

WendyB said...

Awesome pictures. I loved Buffy, btw. Evil Willow was great.

alexgirl said...

Oooh! The little ones looks so adorably spooky! I love it.

And that Evil Willow pic brought back such great memories! I miss BTVS. Willow was great when she went BAAAAD.

ps-I love that you say 'stumes. That is so hip.

Bitterbetty said...

I like the dress.. I do think the demure blue screams for some neck to show... I think silver or a bright colored contrasting shoe would be quite the super trendy way to go with the footsies.

Super bella.. thanks for playing with me!

Anonymous said...

Fashion Fridays rock! Your girls look adorably evily and fashiony, love the makeup job!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, evil willow was the best, loved those black eyes.

darlingdivadurelle said...

The girls looked great!!!
send more pics... to Big sis...
YEA... Project Runway...can't wait!!!!!
But most folks don't know that Project DollWay is going on now.. Go see my blog and you can link into the fun.. I am doing the at home challenges.. so I have my stuff on my blog ...
Big Sis...

rochambeau said...

Hi Jungle P,
Your daughters are scrumptious. You are so lucky to have them and they are so are they to have you as such as such a fun Mum!

I know you are the Queen of Fashion and will put it all together!! And will be the Belle for sure. YOU will look gorgeous in this gown and off perfectly, I'm sure!!

Here are my thoughts for you
(but based on me not you):

Your gown is beautiful and the perfect color to accentuate your hair and skin coloring!

Because it is vintage and unique IT is the statement and is already your showpiece for the night.

Other things need to work in subtle harmony with it, not overpower it.

Since you're going to bring the hem up, your shoes are important but still should be subtle perhaps silver, gray or the same color blue or at least on the same hue. Yes for heals.

Since you have much beautiful hair which I adore, It somehow needs to be pulled away from at least the front of your gown. Maybe two or one silver or blue accent (jewel or flower or bobby pin)in your hair.
What ever the jewelry, diamonds, silver, blue stones, once again simple, elegant but not over the top. Your dress speaks for itself. you just need to work in harmony with it!

A simple shall and little vintage clutch or pouch that matches gown or shoes.

How's that for an opinion? HAH!
Don't care if you listen to one bit!

AnastasiaC said...

oh you're girls are too cute!!!
and u as the sweet friendly witch - adorable!!
What a lovely find - the ball gown is beautiful...great colour!!!
Id say hair up but then that can sometimes make it appear too maybe a messy do?!
and Im funny as I love necklines to be bare but prefer huge earrings instead...
cant wait to some pics of how you style it up!

Laume said...

Late partygoer wandering in - hi. What a fun, unique blog you have. I'll have to be back for a more leisurely visit later. LOL - I love the evil Willow comparison. I'm a big fan of anything Whedon creates.

Your two little girls look absolutely smashing!

Timothy Hogan said...

I was thinking it's always Fashion Friday at the Pagoda!

Hair - messy up.

Makeup - tres pale with innocent doe eyes, PRINCESS DIARIES blush and a pouty pink lip.

Accessories - sparkle at the throat and wrist. Tiny stud earrings.


Stephanie said...

I wouldn't even know how to give YOU! suggestions....because paleese, you have it covered! You will look smashing!

You and your girls are just the cutest! what fun you have...

svelteSTUFF said...

Would the 'OLD ONE' mind if I stole her "Gothedy Anne Dollie" idea for next year (for me!!)?? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! S-

mosaic queen said...

Okay, first you reminded me that I need to get my a__ back to the gym! Maybe I need a really good magazine to help me through it! Secondly, your girls are just absolutely Adorable!!!!!!! Thirdly, YOU are absolutely Adorable and I trust that you will know the perfect way to do your hair and makeup to compliment that fabulous dress that I know is just going to be MORE Fabulous after surgery. I can't wait! :-)
p.s. I LOVED the Buffy the Vampire Slayer show! I miss it

Angelina said...

I want to see your hair completely contained in an elegant chignon, but other than that I think the dress renovation plan you have going sounds good and I know that you will accessorize it brilliantly.

Jane said...

I like the idea of hair up with chandelier earings. When I was in first grade I wanted a store bought costume so badly. I got one, Holly Hobby. Basically the plastic mask and the printed plastic sack dress to go with it. Funny because my mom would have made me the most amazing Holly Hobby dress. It was a phase that I quickly out grew.

alexgirl said...

Oh, i can't believe the trip to Marfa got canceled! What a bummer. I hope you and the fandamily get to go somewhere cool soon and relax.
Can't wait for your next post! I love the creative genius you bring to everything!
And glad to hear your neck problems are getting better, too!

A Fanciful Twist said...

You are too fun. I can only imagine you in person!!!! Ha!! What a blast!! Oh, I have no suggestions, I am sure you will make it phenomenal!!!! xxxooo

Karen Cole said...

I'm just having fun thinking about it....I would have to agree with some of the others, though, the vintage dress IS the statement. Love the idea of the "short in front/long train". How about high heeled lace up boots? Went to a wedding a few weeks ago and the bride wore them and they looked awesome!!!

amanda button said...

look at those gorgeous ghoulie girls! I love it!

the gown...swoon! I love your idea to shorten the front. Alas, i am useless with styling...thank goodness you are one of the stylin'-est girls i have ever known, so i have no doubt that you will be BEYOND glam when it's all said and done! :)

Rebecca said...

I don't know a darn thing about fashion but I'm picturing your hair up with a bit of a Marie Antoinette look about it. Can you carry a mask on a stick or wear some feathers in your hair?? LOL. Just kidding but serious about the hair.

The girls look fabulous!

Petula Darling said...

I have no advice for accessorizing, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the ball gown.
Great job on the girls' make-up!

stilettoheights said...

the prefect post, a buffy reference, fashion, and two adorable children for halloween.


Gina said...

OH you look like an angel to me.

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