Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lets play catch up!

Hi there . I am popping in to say hello. I closed my show Sunday night and after a 7 show week .... I am quite exhausted.This was such a special experience for me....sharing the stage with my child.As with any show, I always grow as an actor and a person. It was very special to see my daughter experience this same growth.Closing a show is also a bit of a sacred thing for me. You see, it(the show) simply vanishes into the mist when it closes it is gone.My hubs calls it Brigadoon. Have you heard of the magical town that only appears once every 100 years? Live theatre can possess that same ephemeral alchemy.
My daughter is suffering the Post Show Blues,and believe me, it can be quite painful.Maturing as an actor I have found I have less blues and more acceptance. I know there will always be another show and a new spell to cast.

Dear Project Runway Producers,
(and Heidi,Tim,and Powers That Be ,et al)
Your last 2 eppys have been wonderful! Yes I was sad to see Kit go,but I completely agreed with her auf'ing. Old blankies stitched together and draped over a hoop skirt are NOT avant garde.
The reason I am writing you is to compliment you. Your show is finding its way back to the more "fashion forward" challenges. Your judges are ALWAYS casually tossing this phrase about. To quote Nina,I am "drinking the koolaide",I totally buy into the "fashion forward" ideology ,so please create "fashion forward" challenges.
...and gosh golly gee,I hate to say it,but when the designers are ask to design garments that are NOT going on your models (ie : today show/mens wear,ladies who have gotten there fitness on,and teenage prom queens)the results as a whole are less than inspiring to watch. I want to see high fashion fantasy on the runway . Throw in a non catwalk model challenge once a season to keep the designers on there toes but ,I think when the designers are creating for an actual person and not a fantasy clientèle they are not letting rip with the wonderful. Even Christian who knows himself quite well for a young designer,managed to succeed with one client(newly fit gal) and fail with another(prom queen).
I don't want to see clothes I can pick up at a nondescript mall store.I want to see clothes I fantasize about in Vogue!
This coat was AMAZING!!!!!!Last nights eppy was wonderful,and so democratic,it reminded me of the cotton challenge of Season 1.Giving the designers Levis jeans and jackets to deconstuct created a even playing field where the sky was the limit! They could have made evening gowns or bathing suits out of the raw materials and anything in between.I'm not saying the designers took advantage of the limitless of this challenge but at least the possibility existed.So thank you dear Producers for getting back to a more high fashion runway experience.
sincerely ,JDP
P.S. Did you not give Christian the win last night because he is practically walking away with the competition at this point?

-----------Alrighty ,can you tell I have jumped on the Christian bandwagon? I believe he is the most consistently interesting designer. NO,I am not talking personality wise! Yes he is the resident en fent terrible (did I spell that right?)and he infuses all of his designs with this spirit! I can't wait to see his Bryant Park show! I still love Jillian and think she has amazing talent,but she is so very inconsistent.A week ago gorg coat last night fug coat.Watch ,though,I still predict her for the final 3. ....and of course Rami will be there too,his style is not my style but I think his work is consistently lovely. Even his avant garment was lovely. I'm talkin' the tunic,not the pants,it wasn't avant garde but it was interestingly pretty.
I am playing catch up this week,taking back control of my house,laundry,dinner,that sort of thing,so catchup in bloggy world is coming soon too. I will visit you all soon.


Sarah and Jack said...

Well, Christian is 21 and he is SO freaking full of himself still. He does good work though, and fast! Jillian's slow talking/slow working/non stop whinge-a-thon is killing me. I really hope she is gone soon, and not at Bryant Park. Her "I am bleeding everywhere!" thing cracked me up. Honey, if no one else can see the blood, you are not bleeding everywhere. Get.a.grip.

Anonymous said...

I hate hate hate Christian but holy crap he is SO AMAZING!!! I totally thought he should have won last night, I think the show is trying to deflate his ego a bit. I am loving sweet pea's dress. Congrats on all your show success!

AnastasiaC said...

Bravo on the show...what a wonderful experience for you and your growing girl!
it must be hard now thats it over...i worked for the Sydney Olympic Games and we worked so hard for that event - i was there 3 years prior to the actual event, that when it was over people needed counselling...onto new and exciting things for both of you! said...

HI LOvely!! Brigadoon! Oh, and post show blues! I can only imagine what that must feel like! Oh me! Well, I am glad it was a wonderful experience!! HUGE hugs to both of youxoxoxoo

alexgirl said...

sorry your show is over! it is sad, but also a relief. And so wonderful that you got a chance to act with your daughter. I was in a play with my dad once, and it was so much fun. And i totally remember the feeling of "post show blues." ah, memories!

rochambeau said...

Glad you had a great show Jungle Dream. So happy you and your daughter could do it together! Sorry it's over. But they will be a new mountain to climb hopefully very soon. In the mean time, hope you will enjoy catching up with every thing!!

cruststation said...

Wow, the photo of you and your baby on stage is priceless! Thank you for sharing -must have been wonderful.

Stephanie said...

I just think this has to have been such an incredible experience for you and your daughter!!! She is a future star like her momma!!


Petula Darling said...

Welcome back!
I did a teeny bit of community theater in high school, and I totally remember the Brigadoon effect.
For weeks you eat, sleep and breathe the show you're doing, and then *poof* it's gone. You go from being a huge family to not seeing two of the "family members" in the same room again - it's the weirdest thing. At least you and Broken Halo have each other to make it less jarring - and you can keep playing the mother/daughter roles!

stilettoheights said...

Oh I can;t wait for PR to be on DVD....I swear it is the main reason I want cable.

I loved that your hubs referred to the theater thing as very perfect

rochambeau said...

Stopping by to say hi Jungle Dream!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Too bad on the post show blues. I was not aware that happened. What a wonderful experience for the both of you and I'm sure we'll hear of more shows in the future.
Hugs and been missing you!

Donna O. said...

Hi Lisa- I'm SO with you with Christian. He's so full of himself-I love him. And that coat from the prior week- I want it to hang in my house- gorgeous.
I hope you and your daughter are "de-Brigadooned"!What a fantastic experience.

Angelina said...

I never really thought of theater as ephemeral but of course you're perfectly right! It sounds like you had a good experience though and your daughter is getting her first real taste of the whole experience.

I wish I could see Project Runway. Oh well.

StephenMosher said...

I actually want to weep when I think about missing that show. But the photo did my heart good.

Love and miss all of youse

Anonymous said...

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