Friday, March 07, 2008

Fierce Finale!

Well, hello there!
I must say I was pretty darn pleased with the P.R Season 4 Finale!
talk about extremely talented designers bringing their A game!!!

I know,I know, its been a bit since last we chatted.....busy,distracted,ennui ,spending time with my littlest who will start kinder full time next year,....has kept me from dear bloggy world.
...but can you believe it? I have had e-mailed requests for my thoughts on the results of P.R. !Ah me,I simply cannot disappoint.
I'll dive right in!
I could not have been happier with the final 4,and believe a more deserving final quartet has yet to be narrowed down to, until this season!
I believe ,ultimately the final 3 were also the most deserving of showing at Bryant Park.
The above look was my favorite of Christians collection.
Maybe I liked it so much because it was not a jacket and pants,but I loved the drama and the proportion!Please do not get me wrong,I think Christian is a magnificent creator of jackets,and probably will make his fortune from selling these unique jackets as his signature item.
My only disappointment with the evening ,was that Jillian came in 3rd. This dress alone made me think she had won it.
...and then there was this extraordinary look. Talk about innovation and having a new and fashion forward point of view!
Jillian will make her career from creating her magnificent signature coats!
I was not at all unhappy with Christians win. I was actually quite thrilled.There will always be a need for Christians style (think Christian La Croix,or John Galliano),but we have seen his style of drama before,and I hope it never goes out of style,because I LOVE it!!!!!!!! Still, I think Jillian is the one to watch. She's the one with the new ideas.She has not yet narrowed her style focus down,we saw that in the challenges(heck we saw that in her model selection!). I think this was why she took the bronze.
This was the piece I loved most in Rami's collection! Wow! I didn't think he would win,but honestly,I think it was pretty close between all 3 of the designers!

Which brings us to Chris March...

...and his human hair adorned garments.I think it will not surprise you that I(wearer of table cloths as shawls(P.S. Rebecca ,I squirted diet RedBull out of my nose from giggling at your comment)) loved this little garment"notion". Alrighty ,it skeeved me out a bit ,but based on the presented garments from Rami and Chris,I do believe Rami won by a mere hair (I hear you groaning throughout Bloglandia!). Yes,it obviously skeeved the judges too.
I believe Little Edie would have voted for Chris!"And that's the revolutionary costume pour du jour.
You mix 'n' match and, Presto!
A fashion manifesto."*
I think I would have preferred her commentary over Poshbot's.
Obviously Chris was heavily influenced by the 20's. when it was, for a time ,quite fashionable to wear a Monkey Hair coat.
Skeevy ,believe me.... I know from personal experience!
Ah,yes... tis I in a monkey hair trimmed coat! I wore this when I was in the chorus of My Fair Lady. The costumes were rented from a big costume house in NYC. I remember both loving this garment AND being skeeved out!
.....and just why wasn't I Eliza!!!!????!!!
Oh yeah,I was a baby. Scary when you look at pics of yourself and think that!
Tommorrow,me and the fam will be off on a road trip to Marfa, Texas.
This is a little town where Giant was filmed and home of
The Chinati Foundation. We plan to eat crazy small Texas town Mexican food and pancakes. Read dumb books (for me ,the Buffy comics season 8),play Yahtzee,hike,antique a bit,soak upsome fine art,ya know the usual. See ya latuh gatuhs!
* Grey Gardens Lyrics by Michael Korie


Anonymous said...

I admit I wasn't completely skeeved by the hair, I kind of enjoyed it. I like things that are out there. but....kudos to Christian he totally ruled this season as much as I still hate his use of fierce.

Donna O. said...

I would wear anything of made by Christian or Jillian. But of the two, Christian won my heart. Wouldn't you just love to have lunch with him????
And you look gorgeous in the monkey fur coat!!!

AnastasiaC said...

look at you!!! how cool!
hey i cant wait to see the glad christian won - he's one talented kid!!

Vallen said...

I thought that same thing about monkey hair and human hair. I would totally wear Jillian's things, I love her little deatils and I was disappointed she did win. Everyone did a terrific job - they are a talented bunch!!

Jane said...

So looking forward to this season on DVD. By the time it comes out I will have forgotten this post.I have a bigger tolerance for weird in fashion. The human hair doesn't bother me, but when Hildi put straw on someone's walls for Trading Spaces, I thought that was outrageous. Have fun on your trip. Giant was such a fantastic movie. Wishing you lots of big sky!

rochambeau said...

Thank goodness for you Jungle d. or I wouldn't know what the heck was going on. This time I really like most of the work. Hope all is well in your world!


Donna O. said...

Just stopped by to say hi! you watch Top Chef??

sweetheartville said...

I have to admit, while reading your PR posts, my eyes just sort of glaze over with sorrow and jealousy. You see, Ye Olde Timey Cable One in my neck of the woods DOES NOT CARRY BRAVO. The horror. It has been absolute torture knowing I have been missing the fourth season after watching the last three religiously. I come to this blog to live vicariously through my favorite fashion editor, JDP. Love ya!

Angelina said...

Yeah, I find human hair trimmed clothes a little bit creepy. But I feel the same way about all fur. I also feel the same way about leather garments.

Which doesn't make a lot of sense since I wear leather shoes and don't feel the least bit weird about that.

fat88fat said...

I watched the show and thought I was such a fag!!
But, I found out my misogynist brother did not miss an episode.
Now, who's really the poofta?

I am no closet Posh fan and got a real thrill watching her sizzle for Christians work.

San Diego.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for getting my caught up on the Runway front.

You look AMAZING in the pic, of course you still do, but really fab pic!!!

fat88fat said...

SNL concepts are usually better than the actual staging: but this was funny.

fat88fat said...

I noticed you wrote the review of the fierce finale on my birthday but didn't bother to send me a card.

IT's ok, I don't count them anymore.

Rebecca said...

Hmmm, hair. Interesting. Brings all new meaning to the term "hair shirt." I'm doubting this is what Katherine of Aragon was sporting.

But I digress. You, my dear, look fabulous in monkey hair. :)

Timothy Hogan said...

Speaking of Human Hair and Monkey Fur - I love Christian's clothes but I had that asymmetrical haircut nearly 25 years ago and it looked silly on me then.

Please cut your hair Christian and butch up just a little. I'm the Notorious F.A.G. and you are nearly too gay for me!

Movin' to Texas this week! Be there next Monday! Til then I'm living in Cardboard Hell! Aaargh!

Timothy Hogan said...

I love Lisa-Gabrielle more than she'll ever know! We've known each other since the early 80's (when dinosaurs and FLOCK OF SEAGULLS hair ruled the earth).

As my lead in a production of Christopher Durang's BEYOND THERAPY she was spot on and an absolute joy to direct. Smart, trusting and dedicated.

Her children are the luckiest little girls in the world.

Gina said...

Yes it was terrific and thank you for sharing all your wonderful insights.

Anonymous said...
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