Saturday, September 13, 2008

This Just In.... Current Project Runway : Best Season since Season 1 !

Did I really skip the entire month of August?
Well,honestly,she said in a decidedly arch southern accent! I guess I should also add..."well, I declare".
and here's my declaration!
Project Runway is absolutely AMAZING this season!!! I must admit I was ever so nervous when P.R. had a repeat of season 1's 1st challenge(had the producers run out of original ideas?),but obviously there was absolutely no need to worry!
I must begin by extolling the virtues of the designers.
They are perhaps not as polished as last seasons crop.,but they are full of fresh ideas!
My favorite "Silent Fashion Assassin" has practically ran away with the show,as you can tell from the peeks at her final Bryant Park show.
Origami continues to be her true inspiration,and there has not been a SINGLE garment she produced that I did not love!
Speaking of inspiration. I must admit ,to being quite partial to Astrological images.Throw in Avante Garde and I'm a goner!
Leanne is probably the only designer that got this challenge COMPLETELY right. Definitely inspired by the scorpion and definitely Avante Garde.
This dress? Um...perfection !
Leanne ,will of course be one of the final 3 finalists.Based on the peeks,I think she should win.
The other 2 Finalists? ( I know its pretty obvious).

Though I agreed with the judges criticism,the garment had nothing to do with Aquarius,and was a bit Victor and Rolf.... I felt it was really the ONLY one ,besides Leanne's, that was truly avante garde.
I loved all of her looks leading up to and including her overdue win with this dress. There was something about her design style that struck a familiar note with me. So I google imaged a past favorite designer that I once loved and found the below dress.

Hmm similar print.Victor Costa is a Texas born designer ,who loved over the top silhouettes , Hollywood glamour and big bows,all distilled with a certain 80's aesthetic.
I remember once stating in a junior high "Slam book" that "his bows were my life".
A sample from Kenly's Bryant Park show.
A Victor Costa googled image.
Another sampling,of that final show.
A Victor Costa sample from my own closet!
Not her bestus P.R. work,but I loved the silhouette.
As you can tell from another sampling from my own closet! Hey maybe those Betty Page bangs weren't so bad after all!
...and I ADORE Kenly's personal style!!!!!!!!
....and beautiful-est!!!!!!! In the end ,it will be between Korto and Leanne for the Project Runway Crown.
If a boy does sneak in to that final 3,Hello Kitty thinks it will be...
....Jarell un-seating the fabulous Kenly.
This skirt has to be one of my all time favorite Project Runway garments,too bad it was paired with that jacket.
You think I am kidding about Hello Kitty and haute couture? Japanese Vogue and...
...Diors John Gallianno ,seem to agree that H.K is indeed a fashion goddess. I think she(H.K) would also wear Jarell.
Hmmm...... I think I have been inspired.
...and what do you all think?


Donna O. said...

Loving this season!!! Hope all is well with you. Your Betty Page comment cracked me up.

Gina said...

Hello Kitty!!! I love it!

Amber Rose said...

WOwwww, some GORGEOUS dresses here!! And, I love Hello Kitty! :)

Heidi Ann said...

Hi - just posting a comment to say hi- and to tell you that I miss your posts - especially the ones where you lay out a great outfit on the wood floor in the hall and take pictures to show us!

Jane said...

Victor Costa- Ah the memories!!! Just when my memories of the 80's were clogged up with neon, you bring back to mind that genius and his pretty pretty dresses! Can't wait to rent this seasons PR and hole up for a marathon of fashion fun.

Angelina said...

I loved that pinstriped skirt with the big hat by Jarell. If I wasn't so big that's what I'd wear! Also love that same long skirt you do that was paired with that awful jacket.

babelfish said...

I am loving the first dress and the checked skirt you mentioned (same sentiment about that jacket). I am actually sick of Hello Kitty - seeing it everywhere is an overkill!

MizSmoochieLips said...

OMG, I think I actually HAD that Vogue sewing pattern. True story.

Sigh... those were the days...

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