Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its A Wee Petal Wonderland!

I promised a style post on Princess Wee Petal. Lets start with her Christmas style!We decided on a pink candylicious sort of theme!

The main display goes on her pink dresser inherited from her big sister(as is much of her furniture).

The lamps are thrifted from my single days I sprayed them baby pink and stripped their shades off and added big round clear bulbs.

I feel very affectionately attached to these little angels and reindeer.I hope my wee one will always have fond memories of these treasures.

Pixies,elves ,reindeer ,and Santas...

and more pixies,elves,reindeer,and Santa's!

I even stock the "pantry" with toy Christmas dishes every year.

For impromptu tea parties.

Hmmm...whats on the menu?

Clarice(wheres her bow?)and a pink reindeer get to play!

An animated angel stands guard at the foot of her bed!

....and back to Wee Petal style. A vintage quilted Chinese coat and other jackets embellished with vintage textiles (by mommy!),and a seasonal purse.

If my oldest baby Crooked Halo is my budding actress,then my little Wee Petal is my budding visual artist. Oh yes,she has her own "studio",a place to create her little Burton-esque people.

Though there are definitely times she takes her need to draw on every surface too far....and now she's WRITING too!
Just in case you are wondering, red Sharpie(I know ,how did she get that?) on the door does not come off with bleach! Time to paint the door!

...and now for a head to toe shot. Smile with your eyes baby!I love how with little kids nothing matches but everything goes together. Vans,vintage,ruffles ,Julius,and Clarice!


Philip said...

your daughters are so cute and very fashion forward! I love all your holiday decorations. We are going to go get our tree today, yay!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I left the comment above, I didn't realize P was still logged in.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my word. Did you try a magic eraser? I have never had to remove sharpie, but it did take spray paint off my fence.

(And if you do just paint, USE A PRIMER. They painted the dorms at a school I used to work at to try and cover marker graffiti and a month later you could read it all again. LOL)

Heidi said...

I echo Sarah in trying the Magic Eraser. Red Sharpie on the door sounds like something mine would do! LOL I must say that the message she wrote cracks me up. :)

Love all the pink! Wee Petal has great taste. :)

Mosaic*Queen said...

What a cutie she is! Make sure you use some primer before you paint that door or the red will show through the paint. Let's just say I have a little bit of experience in this area :-)

miss vintage love said...

I LOVE your pink theme!! I especially love that sparkley vintage tree topper....gorgeous!

Heidi Ann said...

So totally cute!! Man, do i ever love those ceramic head angels, and the reindeer, and the little pink tree! I need a pink tree, I really think I do. Yeah - and a pale green one, and a full-size white one. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Mosaic*Queen said...

Merry Christmas Miss Pagoda!



mary jane said...

Feliz Navidad
Miss Jungle Dream Pagoda
My Inspiration

Gina said...

pixies, elves, and reindeer oh my! I LOVE the drawings your girl does, those eyes!

sweetheartville said...

What a little doll! Very cute decorations, too. She is a very talented artist!

Timothy Hogan said...

Hey Darlin'. I've been swallowed lately on the Xmas-Go-Round, writing 2 blogs and managing 30 years of Memory Lane on Face Book. I got an email from Beth Wibker. Coulda died.

Stephanie said...

Hey jdp! Hope you Christmas as Merry and you New Year is off to a fabulous start!!!

Gina said...


Heidi Ann said...

Please come back to Blogland! Miss you.


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