Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summertime ...and the livin' is lazy ,um EZ !

We are back from Seaside in Florida!

after a crazy/busy summer filled with swim practice every morning(wee petal) and rehearsals and shows(crooked halo)everyday........

Lolling about on the beach was a welcome respite.

....and good thing too...we returned home(in Dallas Texas!!!) to a broken air conditioner.

Good thing we love fudgsicles ...and our new modern ceiling fans!
Thankfully as of 3 hours ago the air is back on.
...but All that 80+ indoor temp makes a person a bit crazy and lazy.

poupeegirl fashion brand community
Nothing to do but veg out to Japanese paperdoll sites all day...
Poupee Girl...

...and Funny Girl on the TCM channel!

What I CANNOT wait for is the return of Project Runway!
Did you know the gorgeous Etsian Louise Black is a contestant? Gosh I hope the show loses nothing in the move,I forced myself to watch The Fashion Show....but was not in love,despite a few clever challenges.

....and now a challenge for you.......

....any ideas for non-traditional art on this very white and very tall expanse of fireplace realestate?
I am open to specific artist suggestions or non traditional large,sculptural,stand-in "art",a crazy chain link fence gate perhaps on either side?....nah!
Seriously, I am needing inspiration!


LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I vote for long and tall Japanese paperdolls above the fireplace.

Mary Jane said...

I'm with you something 3-D for sure...I loved that Miro tapestry that went down with the twin towers, but I guess it was too big anyway

Stephanie said...

Thank you for bringing me back here!! I have missed your talented family's goings on!!

oh and on the wall...something with lots of COLOR!

apartments in manila said...

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